Monday , 27 March 2017

The Building Blocks of an Efficient Data Center

efficient data center

Efficient Data Center – Natalie Lehrer, a senior contributor for CloudWedge, says: Private Data centers require meticulous planning and a coordinated effort that will satisfy clients needs while also adhering to local, state and federal regulations. The measurement most commonly used acronym to express data center efficiency is PUE. PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness and the number describes the relationship ... Read More »

Seven Tips to Stay Ahead of the Heartbleed Bug

Today, however, it can be used to describe the painful Internet vulnerability now known as Heartbleed bug

Heartbleed Bug – Liejun Wang, Senior Researcher, Core Technology Division for NSFOCUS, says: Shot through the heart was a great title for a rock song in an era when the Internet was in its commercial infancy. Today, however, it can be used to describe the painful Internet vulnerability now known as Heartbleed bug. The effects of the bug were felt ... Read More »

Taking Control of Data in the Cloud

data in the cloud

Data in the Cloud – Barrie Hadfield, CTO of Workshare, says: In the latest turn of events following the infamous Snowden leaks, a recent ruling from U.S. Magistrate Judge James Francis now states that warrants can force U.S. cloud providers to hand over client information stored in data centers, even if the facilities are located outside of the country. This is ... Read More »

Virtualization: Go Big or Go Home


Virtualization – Stefan Bernbo, founder and CEO of Compuverde, says: The trend towards virtual environments and the accompanying technologies are showing no signs of cooling off. In 2012, Gartner predicted that enterprise adoption of virtualization would increase 14 percent by the end of the year. By becoming the new industry standard, virtualization has had a substantial impact on data center ... Read More »

Audited, Privileged Access for Users from the Cloud to On-Premises

privileged user management

  Privileged User Management – Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, says: Lieberman Software has introduced new privileged user management (PUM) capabilities in our Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM), which we demonstrated at the recent Microsoft TechEd 2014 conference. The new PUM capabilities allow users to launch cross-platform applications in a secure environment, where elevated operations are automatically authorized, recorded and ... Read More »

Boosting Branch Office Cloud Connectivity

branch office cloud

Branch Office Cloud – Dr. Cahit Jay Akin, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder of Mushroom Networks, says: From organizations such as banks and insurance agents to retail stores – the branch office is the engine of the business – one that requires an uninterrupted flow of data and applications to operate efficiently. That’s where wide area networks (WANs) come in – the ... Read More »

Control and Performance in an Outsourced Cloud Environment

outsourced cloud

Outsourced Cloud – Mehdi Daoudi, Catchpoint CEO and Co-Founder, says: Cloud services adoption has been a growing IT trend  across industries. Cloud technology allows companies to save time and money focusing on internal operations, allowing them to devote more resources to growing revenue and product improvement. However, like a car with multiple systems all working toward the same goal, a ... Read More »

Data-Centric Security for Hadoop


Hadoop – Carole Murphy, Director of Product Marketing, Voltage Security says: We recently announced the certification of Voltage SecureData™ on Cloudera Enterprise 5, in which Voltage delivers innovative and industry-standard technologies to securely de-identify sensitive data in production, test/development and analytics use cases. As enterprises rapidly implement Hadoop for business analytics, insights, and decision-making, sensitive customer and corporate data proliferate in ... Read More »

Big Data Growth Calls for Big Data Centers: Codero Opens New Flagship Data Center

big data growth

Big Data Growth – Emil Sayegh, CEO Codero, says: With Codero Hosting’s customer base growing rapidly, the demand for high performance cloud, dedicated hosting and On-Demand Hybrid Cloud services has been growing along with it. To accommodate that big data growth, Codero recently opened a new flagship data center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – the company’s fourth data center in the country. The new Tier ... Read More »

IBM and Corent Deliver Rapid SaaS Enablement through the New IBM Cloud Marketplace

rapid saas

Rapid SaaS – Scott Chate, VP Partner and Market Development at Corent Technology says: Corent Technology has announced a partnership with IBM that brings the power of Corent’s SurPaaS® cloud enablement technology platform to software vendors through its new IBM Cloud marketplace, announced at the recent IBM Impact 2014 event in Las Vegas.  IBM clients can now discover the fastest path ... Read More »

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