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Five Key Questions to Ask Before Migrating to the Cloud

Sven Hammar - rsz CP

By Sven Hammar, CEO, Apica System Migrating applications to the cloud offers incredible opportunities that can make your business more versatile and efficient. Collaboration is often easier with the cloud, for example, and it can make disaster recovery a breeze. However, the cloud isn’t necessarily the right choice for every application. Is your team thinking of shifting your application to ... Read More »

Loudoun County Prepares for Next Phase of Cloud Growth

Loudoun County Prepares for Next Phase of Cloud Growth

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller, ASHBURN, Va. – With another surge in cloud growth looming, local officials in Loudoun County, Virginia are laying the groundwork for the data center industry’s next phase of growth. It’s an acknowledgement that the current building boom – which includes a 650,000 square foot data center building – won’t satisfy the demand ... Read More »

The Benefits of Multi-Cloud Strategies

The Benefits of Multi-Cloud Strategies

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry, In this this edition of “Voices of the Industry,” Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Realty, outlines the benefits of multi-cloud strategies and how enterprises are realizing the value of embracing a multi-cloud strategy in order to drive a competitive advantage. Read More »

Investing in the Edge: Funding Preps Compass for New Phase of Growth

Investing in the Edge Funding Preps Compass for New Phase of Growth

Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller, Compass Datacenters was created to deploy data center capacity in new ways in new places. It will now be pursuing that plan with new investors. Private equity firm Redbird Capital and the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund are the new investment team, with Compass founder and CEO Chris Crosby and the management ... Read More »

The Transition to Third Network Services is About to Gain Greater Traction MEF Appoints SDN Visionary Dan Pitt to Senior Vice-President

Dan Pitt - opt

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, The communications industry is transitioning to Third Network Services, which combine the performance and security assurances of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) with the agility and ubiquity of the internet. At the heart of this shift is MEF, which is the driving force enabling agile, assured and orchestrated Third Network Services powered by LSO, SDNFV and ... Read More »

How 60 Years of Innovation Turned Ireland Into Overnight Success for Digital Hosting Industry


Originally posted to IC4, In the first edition of a series of guest blogs, IC4 welcomes Garry Connolly. Garry currently serves as President and Founder of Host in Ireland, where he oversees the direction and promotion of the industry-led and sponsored initiatives to further promote Ireland as an optimum location to host digital assets. In this contributed blog post, he ... Read More »

PTC’17 to Explore Changing Realities in Telecom


Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, Telecommunications providers today must navigate an ever-shifting sea of customer demands, economic conditions and regulatory policies. Survival is impossible without a thorough understanding of the major changes that are happening across the industry. Read More »

OpenStack Adoption, Simplified


OpenStack is quickly gaining traction as a flexible, cost-effective alternative to the public cloud. Many businesses, however, are having a difficult time integrating and managing their OpenStack platforms because they lack the proper tools and experience. Read More »

New Whitepaper Outlines MEF’s Vision for Third Network Services


Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, Year after year, it becomes ever more interesting to consider the top trends that will shaping the telecommunications industry. One of the more important drivers is the acceleration of Third Network services. These services combine the agility and ubiquity of the Internet with the performance and security of CE 2.0 (Carrier Ethernet) networks to bring users ... Read More »

Data at a Distance: Five Ways the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business


By Kara Masterson There is no question that cloud computing is the greatest information technology advance of the 21st century, particularly for business. However, many companies have yet to leverage the full potential of this new information standard. To get a good sense of the real advantage of cloud computing as it relates to the business world, it helps to ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Need To Always Be Recruiting


Originally posted to J Patrick + Associates by Alyssa Wishingrad, If you’re a hiring manager with a fully staffed team, you might assume there’s no need to keep seeing candidates. After all, you’re busy and need to keep your focus on rewarding your top performers, continually training the guys in the middle and pushing the team members who are lagging behind. Why ... Read More »

Swyx and Clevir sign cooperation agreement


Swyx provides Unified Communications through the Clevir platform Technology company Swyx has entered into a cooperation with Clevir Software Solutions, provider of advanced solutions for virtual work environments and workspaces. Both parties signed the cooperation agreement during the HostingCon 2016. As a result, Swyx’s Unified Communications solution is now available through Clevir’s ClouddesQ platform. Read More »

Best and Brightest of the Third Network Community


Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, The Third Network, built on the capabilities of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) and the ubiquity of the internet, is the name to remember in telecommunications. These standards and capabilities enable carriers, service providers, content delivery networks and enterprises to deliver reliable, on-demand NFV-based services and connectivity. Read More »

An Easier Way to Use OpenStack in Your Enterprise


By Grant Kirkwood, CTO and founder, Unitas Global, If your business is looking to use OpenStack to create and manage private servers and doesn’t want to deal with the associated complexities, there is one solution you should consider. Unitas Global recently announced a new partnership with Solinea, a company that streamlines OpenStack management for businesses. Read More »

The Vision That is Transforming Telecommunications


Originally posted on TelecomNewsroom Gaining force every day, there’s a shared vision in the telecommunications industry where standardized solutions will work together to enable on-demand connectivity and NFV-based services. A future where network providers and equipment manufactures work across multiple network technology domains as well as multiple interconnected cloud and service providers. Read More »

Word Is Spreading About ‘The Third Network’


Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, If you haven’t heard about the Third Network, now’s the time.  The Third Network combines the internet and Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) and enables the delivery of on-demand, assured network services like software defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV) and lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) directly to businesses. Read More »

Network Operators, It’s Time to Embrace the ‘Third Network’

Business People Meeting Discussion Working Office Concept

Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, Network operators today are face a great deal of pressure to deliver on demand, SLA-backed, self-service offerings over interconnected data communications networks. To accomplish this, many are turning to a cutting-edge solution, which MEF, the global defining body for Carrier Ethernet (CE), refers to as the “Third Network.” Read More »

The Benefits of Private Cloud Managed Services

Curtis Gaska, Solution Architect, Symmetry Corporation

By Curtis Gaska, Solution Architect, Symmetry The term “private cloud” is often taken to imply single-tenancy — one set of hardware, configured and operated to meet the needs of one organization. This is contrasted to the public cloud — a massively multi-tenant cloud on a large, shared pool of resources. Read More »

Host in Ireland to Present at HostingCon Europe 2016


Garry Connolly, Founder and President of Host in Ireland, to Discuss Key Considerations When Selecting an Out-of-Country Data Center DUBLIN – October 5, 2016 – Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announces that its Founder and President, Garry Connolly, will speak at HostingCon Europe 2016, taking ... Read More »

Last Call to Register for HostingCon Global 2016


Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom, It’s the last call to register for HostingCon Global 2016, the largest gathering of the hosting and cloud services community in the world. In anticipation of this event, taking place July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, hosting and cloud providers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs), and Independent ... Read More »

VIRTUS Data Centres Expands Global Footprint with Global Cloud Xchange

Originally posted to Data Center Post London – 25 July 2016 – VIRTUS Data Centres (VIRTUS), the UK’s fastest growing data centre provider, today announced a partnership with Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a subsidiary of Reliance Communications, to expand its connectivity globally, offering enterprises, carriers and media companies robust cloud solutions to drive new business opportunities.  Read More »

HostingCon Spotlight: Kirill Bensonoff, Founder of Unigma, Talks Cloud

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.44.47 PM

Recently, Data Center POST spoke with Unigma’s Founder, Kirill Bensonoff about the problems Unigma is attempting to solve, key market trends pushing companies to the cloud and what Mr. Bensonoff accomplished at HostingCon, the largest gathering of the hosting and cloud services community in the world. The conference took place between July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center ... Read More »

HostingCon Spotlight: Host in Ireland’s Founder and President, Garry Connolly, Discusses the Organization’s “5 Ps” and Greatest Accomplishments

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.50.59 AM

Originally posted to Data Center Post Data Center POST had the opportunity to speak with Garry Connolly, Host in Ireland’s Founder and President, during HostingCon Global 2016, which took place between July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The conference is the largest gathering of the hosting and cloud services community in the world. In ... Read More »

HostingCon Spotlight: Leon Kuperman, CTO of ZENEDGE, Discusses Cybersecurity and the Launch of Its Single IP Protection

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.58.30 PM

Originally posted to Data Center Post by Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu. Data Center POST recently spoke with ZENEDGE’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Leon Kuperman about the launch of the company’s Single IP Protection, and what ZENEDGE is hoping to accomplish at HostingCon. The conference, taking place between July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, ... Read More »

HostingCon Spotlight: GTT CMO Gina Nomellini Talks Growth and Keeping Pace with the Global Cloud Networking Industry

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.21.56 PM

Originally posted to Data Center Post by Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu. Data Center POST recently spoke with Gina Nomellini, Chief Marketing Officer of GTT Communications, Inc (GTT). In this Q&A, Ms. Nomellini discusses how GTT won the ACG 2016 “Growth Company of the Year” award. We also explored topics such as keeping pace with the global cloud networking industry and ... Read More »

HostingCon Spotlight: Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations Shares Marketing Expertise and Engaging Media


Recently, Data Center POST spoke with Ilissa Miller, Founder and CEO of iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) about sharing her marketing expertise during the Roundtable and Panel she will be leading at HostingCon Global 2016, the largest gathering of the hosting and cloud services community in the world. This year’s event will take place July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial ... Read More »

HostingCon Spotlight: Webair’s Sagi Brody Discusses Company Goals, Customer Demands and Emerging Technologies

Sagi Brody - HostingCon 2016

Originally posted to Data Center Post by Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu. Data Center POST recently had the opportunity to speak with Webair CTO, Sagi Brody, about his company’s goals for HostingCon Global. The event, taking place on July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, is the largest gathering of the hosting and cloud services community ... Read More »

HostingCon Global Spotlight: DE-CIX’s Ed d’Agostino Talks Peering Exchange with Data Center POST

DE-CIX featured

Originally posted to Data Center Post. By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu Data Center POST recently sat down with DE-CIX North America’s Vice President, Ed d’Agostino to discuss what the company hopes to accomplish at HostingCon Global 2016. The largest gathering of the hosting and cloud services community in the world, this year’s event will take place July 24-27 at the ... Read More »

Music to All Ears: Webair to Provide Colocation and Customized Managed Services to the New York Philharmonic

Webair logo june 2016

Webair has been chosen as the provider of colocation and customized managed services to the New York Philharmonic. Webair is a respected industry leader and will provide the United States’ oldest symphony orchestra with Managed Cloud, Cloud Storage, Backups, Colocation and network connectivity. The organization has also deployed a direct network tie-in from Webair’s NY1 data center facility on Long ... Read More »

Making an Impact and Being Heard


Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom Adopting a proactive approach to media and analyst relations at industry events is often the difference between your company’s message being heard and making an impact, or getting drowned out in the din. HostingCon Global 2016 will take place July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, attracting several thousand executive level ... Read More »

Schneider Electric White Paper describes framework for responding to datacentre emergencies

System Fail Situation

Originally posted to Data Centre News As modern business becomes increasingly reliant on 24 * 7 IT services, datacentres are obliged to ensure that they can provide resilience and keep working under all circumstances. This in turn means they must be prepared for exceptional events or emergencies and have plans in place to maintain continuous operation. Despite best practices being ... Read More »

Why and How to Choose Cloud Storage Service


Originally posted to Data Center POST By Anushka Chakrabarti With the increasing access to the information, storage requirement for that information has also increased. Online Cloud Storage helps to store data online that can be accessed from anywhere, without carrying data servers. Read More »

Smart Cities: Rapidly Developing Like Molasses


Originally posted to Light Reading by Brian Santo AUSTIN, Texas — Big Communications Event (BCE) — The “smart cities” trend has led to the development of one of the bigger markets in the Internet of things (IoT), but the term might lead to the misimpression that there’s anything coherent about the market. Read More »

All Data is Not Created Equal – A Guide to Cloud-Based Storage

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.15.57 PM

By Alexander Negrash, Director of Marketing, CloudBerry Lab Introduction Mostorganizations are seeing their data volumes increase exponentially. According to IDC, the world’s data already exceeds available storage space – and demand for storage capacity is growing nearly 60 percent a year. Businesses are struggling with the volume and evolving nature of the data being collected. They’re under huge pressure to ... Read More »

Inter Company / Industry Collaboration, Co-Opitition, Cooperation Is all Marketing/PR speak without C Level “Engagement”


Originally posted on LinkedIn Business Strategies by Garry Connolly We hear of the term “friendly competition” a lot. But generally, when it comes to business, competition is competition and there seems to be no room for friendliness, let alone collaborate. It does not matter if the business is geared towards products or services; competition exists because of similar goals, target ... Read More »

Global Telecommunications Firm Selects Compu Dynamics to Provide Multi-Site Data Center Preventative Maintenance Services


Originally posted to Data Center POST by Kathy Xu Compu Dynamics has been selected by a global telecommunications company to provide electrical and mechanical maintenance for multiple mission-critical data centers across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Supporting in excess of 75,000 square feet of data center space, Compu Dynamics is providing periodic inspection, testing, and documentation for certification audits on ... Read More »

Integrating Colo with the Cloud

Cork, Ireland

By Jeff Plank, CEO Agile Data Sites Raise your hand if you’re not using AWS in any way. Be honest. I’ll wait. Everybody has some kind of cloud footprint. It is just too good a deal to pass up for certain types of applications. If a workload fits certain criteria for storage, bandwidth, security and computation then AWS or other ... Read More »

Unitas Global Selected as a 2016 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner


Originally posted to Business Wire NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On Wednesday, Red Herring announced its Top 100 North America award winners in recognition of the leading private companies from the region, celebrating these startups’ innovations and technologies across their respective industries. Unitas Global was chosen for impressive growth (118% CAGR in the passed 24 months), ability to meet the demands of ... Read More »

NJFX’s Gil Santaliz Discusses Wall, New Jersey’s “Tier 3 by the Subsea”

NJFX Gil Santaliz ITW 2016

Originally posted on Data Center POST by Kathy Xu Data Center POST recently sat down with Gil Santaliz, Founder and Managing Member at New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX), to discuss the company’s “Tier 3 By the Subsea” facility in Wall Township, New Jersey.  NJFX is the first Tier 3 carrier-neutral colocation facility that intersects where subsea cables from the United States, ... Read More »

DataGryd Introduces Core Cloud Core Ecology™ (Cx2)

DataGryd team

Originally posted on Data Center POST by Kathy Xu Data Center POST recently sat down with DataGryd CEO and Principal, Peter Feldman, Arthur Valhuerdi, SVP of Operations, Mona Weisberg, Director of Real Estate, and John Sarkis, Head of Business Development – Cloud Program.  DataGryd is a premier data center company headquartered in the heart of New York City at the ... Read More »

BridgeVoice CEO, Bankim Brahmbhatt, Discusses the Company’s New Online Funding-Bidding-Earning Portal


Originally posted to Data Center POST by Kathy Xu Data Center POST recently spoke with BridgeVoice CEO Bankim Brahmbhatt regarding the latest news from the company, as well as its current position within the marketplace.  An integral subsidiary of Bankai Group, BridgeVoice is an online platform for bidding, trading and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice and SMS services, as well ... Read More »

Equinix Report Finds Common Ground Between Ireland-Based Companies and FDI Multinational Enterprises When Selecting Digital Hosting Environments


Originally posted to Host in Ireland Recently, Equinix, the global interconnection and data center company, decided to take a closer look at the data hosting market in Ireland and commissioned a survey that appeared in TechPro Magazine. The results, released earlier this month, revealed striking similarities between the priorities of Ireland-based companies and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) multinational enterprises when ... Read More »

Learn, Network and Grow Business at HostingCon Global

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 1.58.51 PM

Registration for Event Passes is Now Open For its 12th annual conference, HostingCon Global is coming to the Big Easy this summer. Taking place July 24-27, 2016 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, HostingCon converges telecommunications and technology professionals throughout the hosting and cloud services community. Read More »

What Does Agile Colocation Look Like?

Server Room

By Jeff Plank, CEO Agile Data Sites “In a business context, agility is the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.” Wise words lifted directly from Wikipedia. Agility is a buzz-word, it’s true, but it is also an absolute imperative in today’s marketplace. One of the most difficult decisions for ... Read More »

Cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) Market worth 10.83 Billion USD by 2020

enterprise hosts

According to a new market research report “Cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) Market by Service Type (HPC IAAS, HPC PAAS, Data Organization and Workload Management, Clustering Software and Analytics Tool, Professional Service and Managed Service) – Global Forecast to 2020″, published by MarketsandMarkets, The cloud HPC market size is estimated to grow from USD 4.37 Billion in 2015 to USD ... Read More »

Experience Host in Ireland’s ‘Irish Pavilion’ at Datacloud Europe 2016 in Monaco, June 8-9


Originally posted on TelecomNewsroom Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, will have a big presence at Datacloud Europe 2016, taking place June 8-9 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Host in Ireland will be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s conference and alongside partner companies Future-Tech, ... Read More »

Interview with Almir Gonçalves, FPT Telecoms’ Business Strategy Director, at ITW 2016

FPT - Almir Gonçalves

Originally posted to Data Center POST by Kathy Xu Data Center POST recently met with Almir Gonçalves, Business Strategy Director of FPT Telecom, at International Telecoms Week (ITW) — the world’s largest meeting for the global wholesale telecommunications community. ITW 2016 is currently taking place at the Hyatt Regency and Swissôtel in Chicago, IL from May 8-11, 2016. Mr. Gonçalves ... Read More »

Felipe Alvarez, CEO of Axiom Fiber Networks, Discusses Growing Fiber Demand during ITW 2016


Originally posted on Data Center POST by Kathy Xu Following the recent International Telecoms Week (ITW) event, which took place May 8-11 in Chicago, Data Center POST had the opportunity to speak with CEO of Axiom Fiber Networks, Felipe Alvarez, to discuss his conference experience as well as recent company news. Axiom provides telecommunications infrastructure services over its fiber network ... Read More »

Host in Ireland to Unveil ‘Irish Pavilion’ at Datacloud Europe 2016 in Monaco, June 8-9

Event Coincides with Host in Ireland Being Recognized as the Only Non-Governmental Nominee for the Data Center and Cloud 2016 EMEA ‘Location of the Year’ Award DUBLIN, IRELAND – May 31, 2016 – Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announces its participation at Datacloud Europe ... Read More »

Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global, Discusses the Convergence of Cloud and Telecom at ITW 2016

Unitas Global CEO Patrick Shutt

Originally posted on Data Center POST by Kathy Xu At International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2016, Data Center POST met with Unitas Global CEO, Patrick Shutt, to discuss how the company has adapted to meet consumer demands with flexible cloud offerings and innovative technology. During this discussion, Mr. Shutt also shared with DCP his observations regarding the evolution of cloud computing as ... Read More »

China Telecom and Hutchison Global Communications Sign IPX Peering Arrangement to Enable Greater Mobile Operator Coverage in China

Originally posted on Data Center POST by Kathy Xu On Monday, May 9, 2016 at 12:00 p.m., Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC) President of International and Carrier Business, Andrew Kwok, and China Telecom Global Limited (CTG) Executive Vice President, Ou Yan, met in the International Telecoms Week (ITW) Press Room to sign an official peering agreement between their unique Internetwork Packet ... Read More »

USA FIBER’s Ashburn Express Cable Network Between Baltimore and Ashburn To Anchor at Equinix Data Centers


New core access point with multiple campus entrance points provides key destination for Ashburn Express Cable being built by USA FIBER ASHBURN, Va., May 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — USA FIBER today announced that the Ashburn Express Cable, which is in construction phase, has reached another milestone and has expanded its data center presence now connecting Equinix’s International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers in Ashburn (DC1-14) ... Read More »

The Power of Three: Improving IT Costs and Resiliency


Originally posted by – Jason Rafkind, Senior Sales Engineer, on Digital Realty As the world has become more connected, those connections have changed our lives. Twenty-five years ago, mobile phones were just emerging and a 29 pound Kaypro was seen as the portable computer. The manufacturer described it as “luggable.” You still needed to go to the bank to deposit a ... Read More »

Standing Out in the Cloud

Originally posted to Equinix by Maurice Mortell, Garry Connolly is president of Host in Ireland, an organization dedicated to promoting Ireland as an optimum location to host digital assets. I spoke with him about what makes the country stand out from the crowd. We also talked about how Irish customers stand to benefit from Equinix’s recent acquisition of TelecityGroup. Read More »

The Importance of Reliable Fuel Monitoring for Hybrid Power Systems for Telecom Sites


Originally posted on Data Center POST By Mattias Karlsson, Vice President eSite, Flexenclosure With generators powering most of the telecom sites in Africa and other developing regions, diesel is the number one factor driving operational cost. Obvious questions result: How much diesel is any given site actually consuming? When is it time to refill? Is fuel consumption in line with the ... Read More »

Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal Opens New State of the Art Manufacturing Facility in Rawdon


Originally posted on Data Center POST Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal officially opened Airedale International’s new state of the art manufacturing facility in Rawdon, Leeds, during a visit on 10th May 2016. The British cooling systems manufacturer moved into the new 23,000 square metre purpose built premises in January 2016 following a fire in September 2013. With a BREEAM ‘Very ... Read More »



Leverages unique route diversity in the transatlantic corridor for highly resilient, low latency connectivity between North America and Europe DUBLIN, IRELAND – May 9, 2016 – Hibernia Networks, a provider of global, high speed telecommunications solutions, announces today the addition of Protected Wavelength Service to its suite of best-in-class Optical Transport Solutions. The new, highly resilient Protected Wavelength Service is ... Read More »

Electric Lightwave Doubles Network Long-Haul Routes


Expansion of Long-Haul Routes Provide Customers With Greater Options for High-Bandwidth & Low Latency Transport Vancouver, Wash. – May 9, 2016 – Electric Lightwave™, provider of world class fiber-­based, networking and technology solutions, announced today that it has doubled its network long-haul routes and capabilities. The expansion reflects Electric Lightwave’s focus on strategic fiber asset investments to address rising customer demands ... Read More »

Meet the Press at ITW 2016

ITW 2016_Book Now_033016

Originally posted on Data Center POST For the second year running, International Telecoms Week (ITW), the premier meeting place for the international wholesale telecom community, is hosting an event Press Room featuring distinguished media organizations from across the globe. International telecom PR and marketing consulting firm, iMiller Public Relations (iMPR), has once again been selected to exclusively manage all press ... Read More »

Why Major Incidents Should Keep You Up At Night – and What to Do About Them

Troy McAlpin, CEO, xMatters, inc. Are major incidents keeping you up at night? According to a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research and commission by xMatters, inc., major incidents definitely should be keeping you up? Larger companies are better prepared than smaller ones. They are – sort of. Why Larger Companies Are More Prepared Two-thirds of companies with more than ... Read More »

Glassbeam Unveils Revolutionary Data Transformation and Edge Computing Capabilities for its IoT Platform


New capabilities automate transformation of unstructured machine data into valuable business insights and also provides lighter footprint for Glassbeam at the edge Santa Clara, CA, February 16, 2016 – Glassbeam, Inc., the machine data analytics company, announced today two revolutionary product enhancements for the IoT analytics market.  Glassbeam Studio™ is the IoT industry’s first data transformation and preparation tool focused on automating cumbersome manual work ... Read More »

Host in Ireland Announces “Ireland, Data’s Gateway to Europe” Event, Featuring Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner


The April 6, 2016 Event Will Examine Europe’s Changing Data Protection Landscape, and EU-US Safe Harbor Principles DUBLIN, IRELAND – March 22, 2016 – Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announces a marquee event taking place at the Embassy of Ireland in Washington D.C., “Ireland, ... Read More »

Unified Office Further Expands VPS Real-Time Actionable Business Intelligence and Reporting Capabilities With Industry Leading WebRTC Management Portal

united office

Unified Office, Inc., a rapidly growing managed services provider offering hybrid cloud-based unified communications and virtual office services through a variety of channel partners, announced today that it is expanding its industry leading Visual Performance Suite™ capabilities through the addition of their WebRTC management portal. Visual Performance Suite is the first analytics package in the industry to provide a customizable real-time view of operational performance along with ... Read More »

Schneider Electric Joins Host in Ireland as Strategic Partner for 2016

HII info

Organization Welcomes Vincent Barro, Global Operations and IT Business Vice President at Schneider Electric, to Executive Committee DUBLIN, IRELAND – March 1, 2016 – Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announces the addition Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, as a ... Read More »

Bank of America & Ticketmaster Share DC Optimization Stories


Software-defined data center to dominate the airwaves at New York conference The newly launched “Software-Defined” conference track at DCD Enterprise in New York on April 19-20 will explore the subject from every angle. “SDDC simply means that no layer of the converged infrastructure layers will escape being set free from proprietary hardware; abstracted, virtualized and delivered ‘as-a-service’,” says Bruce Taylor, ... Read More »

Where Websites Live


As originally published by Hosting Facts What some people are calling the migration to the cloud is taking place. Large companies with their own server setups or private data centers are moving to third-party data centers, causing a huge rise in the number — and size — of data centers worldwide. It’s more cost effective and convenient for these companies, as ... Read More »

The Tipping Point – Cloud IaaS v. Data Center Colocation


As originally published on Data Center Frontier: As with most things, there is no single “right” infrastructure solution for every company, or every application, at every time. Some companies, and some applications, will never work well in the cloud. Others will. Others work well in the cloud for a time – until they don’t. We call that moment the tipping ... Read More »

EdgeConneX®, Comcast and GREATER MSP Partner to Bring Better Cloud and Internet to Minneapolis-St.Paul


As originally published on TelecomNewsroom EdgeConneX®, along with Comcast and GREATER MSP(Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership), have announced a partnership that will enable business and consumer users in the greater Minneapolis-St.Paul region to get local and secure access to Internet content and cloud services with superior performance. A specialist in global infrastructure solutions at the edge of the ... Read More »

Reasons Why Cloud is the Future of Enterprise Mobile Apps


By: Ritesh Patil, Co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech Technology has become easier with cloud computing, especially for huge enterprises. Earlier it was difficult to have the easy access to technology which has now flipped to a fabulous approach to cut down the expenses as it gives awesome adaptability with regards to executing services for IT. Read More »

Host in Ireland Expands with Two New Partners for 2016

HII info

Cork Internet eXchange and Future-Tech Join Host in Ireland and Contribute Members to its Executive Committee DUBLIN, IRELAND – January 26, 2016 – Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announces the addition of two new partners for 2016.  Cork Internet eXchange (CIX), the major connectivity ... Read More »

Balancing Flexibility and Complexity in a World Full of Choices


Rohit Gupta, CEO of Palerra I recently caught up with a former coworker who now runs an information security program for a well-known retailer. While discussing new advances in cloud security and technology, he mentioned that his company had met with a provider who presented him with a mind-numbing number of deployment options for their solution. Some of the options ... Read More »

EdgeConneX® to Speak on Evolving Network Infrastructure to Support the Growth of IoT and Cloud


As Originally Published on TelecomNewsroom Chief Architect and Vice President of Innovation, Phill Lawson-Shanks, to Present at PTC’16 in Honolulu, HI Herndon, VA – January 12, 2016 – EdgeConneX®, the leader in global infrastructure solutions at the edge of the network, announces today that its Chief Architect and Vice President of Innovation, Phill Lawson-Shanks, will present at Asia-Pacific’s premier telecommunications ... Read More »

Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) Market is Expected to Reach $2.8 Billion, Worldwide, By 2020

public cloud

As Originally Published on TelecomNewsroom A new report by Allied Market Research titled, “World Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) Market – Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 – 2020” projects that the global cloud IAM market would garner revenue of $2.8 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 26.2% during the forecast period 2015 – 2020. Multi factor authentication service is expected to witness fastest growth, ... Read More »

The Top 10 Data Center Stories of 2015


As Originally Published on Data Center Frontier The data center industry never stands still. Innovation is our focus here at Data Center Frontier, so it’s not surprising that many of our most popular stories of 2015 involved new approaches to challenges in storage, cooling and data center design. The other major theme was scale, and the continued super-sizing of cloud campuses ... Read More »

Webair, Megaport Partnership Provides Customers with Additional Access to Leading Public Clouds

big operational data

Leading colocation and managed solutions provider Webair recently announced a strategic partnership with software-defined networking (SDN) provider Megaport that will offer many advantages to its Dedicated Server, Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud customers. The partnership, which will utilize Megaport’s dedicated elastic connectivity, will enable Webair customers to directly connect their hosted infrastructure from Webair’s Tier III, Long Island-based data center to ... Read More »

Choosing the Right Scale-Out Storage Solution for Your Virtualized Data Center


By Mahesh Patil, Sr. Technical Director, PernixData Virtualization and storage problems have become synonymous. We all have experienced the joy of virtualization first hand. A virtualized infrastructure is a great productivity enhancer for the IT organization not to talk about all the added benefits of managing a virtualized infrastructure – but once you get past the rosy honeymoon, the ugly underbelly ... Read More »

A Guide to Getting More Secure Software for Your Small Business

A Guide to Getting More Secure Software for Your Small Business

As originally written and published on Data Center POST Brooke Chaplan, Content Writer Software security is emerging as one of the next great areas of concern for small business. Software security means resisting hostile cyber-attacks and keeping records and information safe and undisturbed. While remote attackers increasingly target small businesses, the IT security community is working overtime to create better, more ... Read More »

The Top 10 Cloud Campuses


As originally written and published on Data Center Frontier BY RICH MILLER – NOVEMBER 23, 2015 Today we provide a look inside the Top 10 Cloud Campuses, the places where the cloud resides. Cloud campuses is our term for the sites where technology titans concentrate massive amounts of computing power in multiple data center facilities. These huge campuses are where ... Read More »

Don’t Be Stuck Making Lemonade With Your OpenStack Cloud Deployment


By, Kiran Bondalapati, Co-Founder and CTO of ZeroStack Even with the most dependable engine, a car will be a lemon if the other critical systems (e.g. transmission, suspension, etc.) aren’t engineered with the equivalent level of rigor. The same is true for clouds built with OpenStack. OpenStack — an open source platform for provisioning and managing processing, storage and networking resources throughout ... Read More »

iMiller Public Relations CEO Named a Finalist for PR News’ PR People Awards for Agency Professional of the Year


By: Joshua Dawson, Content Creator, iMiller Public Relations iMiller Public Relations (iMPR) is proud to announce that its Chief Executive Officer, Ilissa Miller, has been selected as a finalist in the “Professional of the Year / Agency” category of the prestigious PR News’ PR People Awards Program.  The award is given to the public relations professional who has helped lead agency ... Read More »

IntelePeer Enhances SIP Trunking Service Delivery With Global Capacity


For on-demand cloud communications and SIP trunking provider IntelePeer, connectivity is imperative for success. There is simply no room for slow and unreliable communications in today’s competitive marketplace. In order to ensure its customers have constant and uninterrupted service, IntelePeer recently partnered with leading connectivity-as-a-service provider Global Capacity. The partnership allows IntelePeer to leverage Global Capacity’s real-time pricing and automated service delivery ... Read More »

Containers Enable DevOps and Hybrid Clouds, But Sandboxes Are Also Critical for IT Success


By Hans Ashlock, Technical Marketing Manager, QualiSystems  Gartner predicts that by 2016, nearly 25% of the Global 2000 IT organizations will be mainstreaming DevOps methodologies for bringing applications into production IT. A recent 451 Research survey of enterprises found that 56% of application workloads will be in private or hybrid cloud environments within the next two years. Read More »

Enabling Success, as a Service: TelAgility and AT&T Empower UCaaS Integrators to Penetrate New Markets


Among the most promising business opportunities for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) integrators within recent years, has been the emergence of cloud, telephony and Unified Communications (UC) technologies, including VoIP, virtual data center compute / storage and the adoption of cloud operating systems. The cloud is enabling these services through the concomitant attractions of abundant bandwidth of the public ... Read More »

This is Cloud Hosting’s Moment: No Longer Any Reason to be Up in the Air


By Adam Stern, founder and CEO of Infinitely Virtual As a group, small businesses tend to be wired for DIY.  Self-reliance runs deep, which is why many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) still manage their own servers.  That said, the times, they are a-changin’ and, increasingly, SMBs are looking to migrate hardware and applications to the cloud.  While some small businesses are ... Read More »

Don’t Let Your Worst Nightmares Run Rampant Through Your Network this Halloween!


With AA NPM, Avert Mysterious Performance Scares By Gary Kaiser, Subject Matter Expert, Network Performance Analytics, Dynatrace There’s nothing more frightening than the unknown. Digital Performance experts know that more clearly than anyone in the tech sector. When there is a network performance problem, the worst part is not knowing  the impact this has on your end users, followed closely ... Read More »

State of Emergency: How Data Movement is Key to Surviving a Business Disaster


By: Paul Lavery, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cleo August marked the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating storms in recorded history both in terms of cost and loss of life. It seems meaningful to have a discussion on the implications of disasters and the catastrophic impact they can have on an organization’s ability to conduct ... Read More »

A Thriving Digital Economy Can Respect Individuals’ Privacy While Ensuring the Global Community’s Safety and Protection


As originally written and published on Host In Ireland As Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, pointed out in astatement issued by her Office, the issues dealt with in the decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) to invalidate the “Safe Harbour” system, under which companies transfer customer data from Europe to the United States, are “complex.” ... Read More »

“Turnkey” versus “Design and Build”: Advantages and Disadvantages When it comes to a new Data Center which way to go?


By: Juan Carlos Londoño Z. – INGENIUM When planning a new data center project, the most important decision is who we are making responsible for such an important project. What is better? A turnkey project, same contractor designing and building the data center or hiring an independent consultant for the design, and a contractor to build it.  Read More »

Technology from 2015 Your Company is Missing Out On


By: Brooke Chaplan Technology changes today on what seems like a daily basis. Just when you feel like you have updated your smartphone, or adopted a new process, it seems like new devices are developed and new ways of doing business are introduced. This is why you need to focus on trends and the new technology your business needs to ... Read More »

Host in Ireland Announces Co-Located Event at DataCentres Ireland 2015 Exhibition and Conference


“From Finance to Pharma, Why Companies Small & Large Host in Ireland,” Scheduled on November 10 from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm DUBLIN, IRELAND – October 13, 2015 – Host in Ireland, a strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, today announces it will hold a co-located special event at DataCentres ... Read More »

Console Inc. Demonstrates Its Revolutionary Platform at AWS re:Invent 2015 as a Speaker and Titanium Sponsor

Cloud's Predictable Provisioning Problem

Console Inc. is heading to Las Vegas this week to exhibit and speak at this year’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2015.  This annual user conference is the largest gathering of the global AWS community, featuring over 250 technical sessions and is dedicated to bringing together cloud industry professionals to educate, connect and collaborate on cloud solutions and strategy for ... Read More »

Monetizing the Cloud – Top Tips for MSPs


By: Antonio Piraino, CTO of ScienceLogic  Managed Service Providers (MSP) have a massive opportunity to take advantage of today’s cloud gold rush. While MSPs customers’ upside from leveraging the public cloud is significant, difficulty abounds with governance, compliance, and financial pressures a constant.  In fact, the complexity associated with optimizing hybrid IT environments has led to the next big thing in ... Read More »

Cloud Exchanges Are Transforming the As-A-Service Data Center Sector


Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange, UCXchange, and 6Fusion share their visions of a commoditized future at Chicago conference For a significant proportion of leaders in the data center services community ‘cloud’ continues to be a disruption to their business models rather than an opportunity. This year’s DCD as-a-Service conference at the Chicago Hilton on October 27/28th will provide a unique platform ... Read More »

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

cloud collaboration

October 2, 2015 – Sometimes, we need to talk to a large group of people at the same time. Regardless of whether it is for a work conference or a family catch up, we all want a video conferencing service that is reliable, easy to work, safe and accessible to all. Cloud conferencing is a service that ticks all these ... Read More »

How Businesses Can Boost Their Confidence in the Cloud

IT Automation

By Rafael Laguna, CEO, Open-Xchange Are you on the cloud? That’s a question that many businesses are having to face these days, and one that more and more is being followed up with: well, why not? It’s easy to see why some companies may be hesitant to jump on the cloud bandwagon. It is, after all, still a relatively new ... Read More »

STUDY: Offering SMBs Cloud Services Could Present a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity to Telecoms Operators

Cloud and Digital Services

SMBs present a lucrative, yet underserved, customer segment for telecoms operators LONDON, TUESDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER: Fresh insight from leading cloud services marketplace provider, BCSG reveals the significant rewards on offer to telecoms operators interested in diversifying their offer to SMB customers. An independent study of 500 SMBs spanning the UK and US suggests that telecoms operators are ideally placed to benefit from surging demand amongst SMBs ... Read More »

Cloud Connectivity Made Simple

Cloud and Virtualization

The Cloud is no longer the future for the enterprise, it is now.  The question for today’s global enterprises is not “why?”, but “how?” Mary Stanhope, Vice President of Marketing for Global Capacity, explores the fundamental shift of business applications to the Cloud as well as the enterprise challenges of connecting to and consuming the Cloud in her series of ... Read More »

Sauce Labs Expands Mobile Test Automation Cloud with the Addition of Real Devices

cloud computing in europe

Offers the First Automated Testing Solution Optimized for Mobile Continuous Delivery Across Full Spectrum of Emulators, Simulators and Real Devices SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 8, 2015 –Sauce Labs, Inc., a leading cloud-based web and mobile application testing platform, today announced the addition of real devices to its market-leading automated test offering. The release greatly expands the capabilities of Sauce Labs’ instantly available mobile ... Read More »

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