Thursday , 22 June 2017

Magpi Takes Data Collection Up A Notch

Data collection

– Dr. Joel Selanikio, CEO and co-founder, Magpi, says: Data collection – all too often, the term refers to stacks upon stacks of paper followed by the even more burdensome task of input and analysis. Whether surveys, census reports, opinion polls, or any other form of research, the job is often tedious, yet necessary. But as the world and its ... Read More »

Data Governance: Why Aren’t More Companies Doing It?

Data governance

– Alex MacMurchie, Director of Strategic Accounts, Rand Secure Data, says: Data Governance When I was growing up my brother used to lord around the house saying that gravity was not just a great idea but in fact the law. Perhaps that same principle could apply to data governance: Data governance is not just a great idea, but in fact ... Read More »

New Standards for the Fight Against Online Fraud

online fraudsters

– Ryan Wilk, Director of Customer Success, NuData Security, says: The Nilson Report stated that the issuers, merchants and acquirers of credit, debit and prepaid cards worldwide experienced gross fraud losses of $11.27 billion in 2012, up 14.6 percent over 2011. That trend is sure to continue upward as online fraudsters maintain their assault on sensitive information with continually more ... Read More »

Are You Paying More Than You Should for Your Cloud Operations?

Cloud Operations

– Posted by Piston. Just last month, Gigaom published an article titled, “Where’s my cloud price cut?” in which, Praveen Asthana, discusses the hidden costs of public cloud. As Praveen Asthana notes, although AWS has been making price cuts along side other cloud providers like Google and Microsoft Azure, the cloud pricing world is quickly starting to look a lot ... Read More »

The Cloud Is Enabling A Remote Working Boom

remote working

– Victor Brown, inbound marketer and technical writer for Cirrus Hosting, says: The Cloud Is Enabling A Remote Working Boom The cloud is a foundational technology driving the remote working boom, allowing them to collaborate, communicate, and access data from everywhere. More people than ever are working from home, from the coffee shop, from co-working spaces, and from the beach. ... Read More »

Get Your Head in the Clouds: 3 Things You Need to Know to Master Cloud and Virtualization Options

Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud and Virtualization – Tim Laplante, Vision Solutions‘ Director of Product Strategy, says: “Get your head out of the clouds” is a well-worn phrase that’s often delivered to kids who are daydreaming in the classroom. But these days, it’s important to get your head—and your data—into the cloud to improve your company’s performance and ultimately help you dream bigger with ... Read More »

A Neutral Guide To Net Neutrality

net neutrality

– Stephanie Crets,  Content Production Assistant for SingleHop, says: Net Neutrality has been the topic of intense conversation recently, as the FCC solicits and considers public comments about how to regulate Internet traffic. We’ve put together the overview below to help you understand the issues and players that influence the way we use the Internet daily for business, research, entertainment, ... Read More »

TransLattice and OpenSCG Partner to Simplify the Deployment of Data Initiatives


– Frank Huerta, CEO, TransLattice, says: From daily operations to strategic business objectives, at the core of almost every enterprise application lies a database, the engine that drives today’s businesses. Organizations are facing significant challenges as they look to more agile solutions on the market today. As the world’s most stable, advanced and fastest-growing open source RDBMS, deployed in 30 ... Read More »

Considering Cloud

Considering cloud

            Considering Cloud   – Paul Plauche, IT Director, Turner Industries As a rapidly growing provider for heavy industrial construction, maintenance, module and vessel fabrication as well as heavy hauling across nine offices in the Southern US, we were faced with a common IT problem when it came to meeting the data center needs for ... Read More »

Substantiating the Internet of Things (IoT) Vision

Internet of Things

– Pethuru Raj, cloud infrastructure architect in the IBM Global Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE), says: With recent advancements in technology, there is now a distinct and decisive trend of information technology (IT) transitioning from being a business-enabler to a people-enabler. IT is becoming more concerned with people, context, events, service and policies, while focusing on more cloud-hosted and cognitive solutions. ... Read More »

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