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Ready for the DCIM Cloud?

DCIM Cloud

–  Soeren Jensen, Vice President of Software and Managed Services, the group behind the Schneider Electric Data Center Infrastructure Management Suite, says: I was recently at CeBIT in Hannover, one of the leading IT events in EMEA (have a look at the infographic here If you’ve never been, it’s an immense show which occupies a significant amount of real estate! ... Read More »

Pure Storage announces all-flash array, cloud-based management and storage procurement

pure storage

Pure Storage on Monday announced FlashArray//M, an all-Flash array, the Pure1 cloud-based storage management and Evergreen Storage, a new storage procurement and upgrade model. Evergreen Storage replaces the 3-5 year rip-and-replace with a combination of FlashArray’s modular, software defined storage architecture and its maintenance program Forever Flash to ongoing upgrades and fair and pricing. The company is also announcing Upgrade ... Read More »

Cloudifile Launches Mac OS Beta for Dropbox, Local Encryption


  – Dennis Turpitka, CEO and cofounder, Cloudifile, says: As the leading cloud-based file storage and collaboration solution, Dropbox’s popularity is growing. Dropbox – which promises to make documents safe, synced and easily shareable – is a cost-effective, reliable solution for many, including SMBs; employees working on traditional PCs in the office; a growing numbers of remote, mobile or work-from-home ... Read More »

Learning to Walk Before We Run – Data Center Evolution in the Era of the Cloud

Data Center Evolution

– Tom Murphy, Editorial Director,, says: The cloud has hung over us long enough that we have begun to take it for granted. Almost all companies use some basic cloud services now for storage, Software as a Service or application development. Early fears of unreliability or security gaps have largely given way to seemingly endless optimism about the advantages ... Read More »

Open technology in 2015: The anti-venom to a dead-end cloud

Open technology

– Dr. Angel Luis Diaz, Vice President of Open Technology & Cloud Performance Solutions for IBM Software Group, says: Open technology’s momentum across cloud, mobile and big data has accelerated beyond our wildest dreams. Just when it feels like we’ve seen it all, along comes another year like 2015, where open technology innovation and adoption are growing like wildfire. If ... Read More »

Disposable Infrastructure for Disposable Apps

disposable apps

– Lori MacVittie, Principal Technical Evangelist, F5 Networks, says: Conferences agendas. Event navigation. Specific tasks, like buying a house or getting a car loan. If you’ve installed an app for any of these things you’ve installed what’s known as a “disposable mobile app” or DMA. Apps designed for a single use-case and with the expectation they’ll be “thrown away” like brochures. Deleted until ... Read More »

Global Capacity and Equinix Join Forces to Offer Enterprise Customers a Simplified Cloud Connectivity Solution

cloud connectivity

   –  Laurie Samper, Technical Writer at iMiller Public Relations Cloud Connectivity Public, private and hybrid Cloud solutions are an intelligent investment for enterprises and SMBs alike, and many are already relishing in their true potential.  According to a survey conducted by CompTIA Inc., more than 90 percent of businesses use Cloud computing at some level.  Tech Pro Research also revealed ... Read More »

Cloud Servers: A Progressing Need In Modern-Day Businesses

cloud Servers

Cloud Servers The very idea of cloud hosting appears ubiquitous today, as we depend on demand-based computing to manage our digital lives surrounded with a variety of devices such as tablets, mobiles, laptops, etc., whether we are at home or in the office. In fact, the remarkable features and benefits of cloud makes this reality a reality!  Here are some important terminologies: Cloud Server: Also  ... Read More »

The Arguments Every OpenStack User Must Make


For some time now, critics have suggested that OpenStack may offer lower total cost of ownership, but fails to deliver on agility and uptime compared to other cloud solutions.  A recent story on ReadWrite quoted industry insiders who suggested OpenStack is merely a way to “fool” senior management into believing that a company has moved to cloud computing. TechRepublic, meanwhile, ... Read More »

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