Saturday , 19 August 2017

TelecomTV/MEF16: Eric Cevis, President, Verizon Partner Solutions – Standards Collaboration Is Key For Industry Progress

Originally posted on ThirdNetworkNews

telecomtv-mef16-eric-cevis-president-verizon-partner-solutions-standards-collaboration-is-key-for-industry-progressTelecomTV at MEF16 – Eric Cevis, President, Verizon Partner Solutions discusses what the industry must do to address customer needs in the era of hyper-connectivity.  Eric emphasizes the importance of collaboration and MEF work on developing standards that support interoperable services that are orchestrated over more automated and interconnected networks. Verizon strongly supports MEF’s Lifecycle Services Orchestration initiative. Verizon is investing in software tools to enable greater self-service capabilities and in the buildout of its fiber network to take the benefits of next-generation solutions to more customers.

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