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Image Courtesy BCG

China has emerged as the global leader in Artificial Intelligence followed by the U.S., reports the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in a recent study titled: Mind the (AI) Gap: Leadership Makes the Difference. Published December 2018, the report found three key points driving China’s AI success. Conclusions pulled from data gathered in a global survey of 2,700 managers reveal the following practices are actively contributing to this growth:

  1. China has adopted a core set of best practices to energise growth and implementation
  2. China has also launched a national initiative called the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan,” and the new plan is seeing results
  3. Finally, the current influence of AI already seen in a variety of industry verticals is helping speed up this development

Each of these factors is tethered to executive leadership, which is proving to be a constant thread within the successful implementation and achievement of these goals. This blog will take a closer look.

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