By Sai Nikesh D, Senior content writer at the Veritis Group

Maintenance of critical hardware caused long delays and challenges in physical hardware maintenance for the IT industry, for years.

However, with changing trends and technology advancements in the industry, physical or traditional hardware started taking a back step, paving the way for future developments.

One significant development in the path is the advent of “virtualization.”

Virtualization arrived as an alternative to physical servers, eliminating the need for critical physical hardware maintenance that was resulting in high energy wastage and other anomalies in IT operations.

By creating virtual forms for all key aspects of IT functioning such as servers, desktops, operating systems, storage devices and software, virtualization changed the way IT businesses operate and execute.

Here are some Key benefits that virtualization services can offer to your IT business:

  • Cost-effectiveness First of all, a virtualization platform replaces the need for purchase of critical hardware, which reflects in cost-savings for an organization. Doing so also saves lot of time and resources increasing cost-effectiveness. Besides, there are also maintenance costs that will be relieved.
  • Energy Savings – Having critical hardware in house also means lot of energy consumption and round-the-clock maintenance to overcome failures and keep servers running. Virtualization addresses this aspect as well through virtual resources.
  • Less Maintenance Replacement of physical resources automatically lessens maintenance burden, thus giving scope to focus on other aspects of business developments such as innovation, planning new strategies, and so on.
  • Time Efficiency – The aforementioned aspects all directly result in faster execution of tasks, reflected as time efficiency. Besides, shifting a traditional environment in conventional methods was time-consuming, but virtualization does it in a few hours’ time.
  • Flexibility – Changes within the organization’s network sometimes involve restore and back-up of environments and key resources to avoid loss of data or resources. In such cases, virtualization solutions offer high flexibility to IT administrators and programmers, making it easy for them to test software and make use of testing environments, thus saving time and resources.
  • Easy Backup and Restore – We never know when a system crash can occur, which can translate into loss of efforts and finance. Switching to a virtualized platform safeguards your efforts. In a virtualized environment, everything required in the back-up data can be restored in minutes’ time, in any case of emergency.
  • Independence – Flexibility in collaborating with many high-quality software makes virtualized platforms perform better even at times of sudden system crash, server failures and during the recovery. This way, virtualization solutions reduce dependence on physical hardware.
  • Increased Security – Effective consolidation of physical devices brings down complexities in technology infrastructure, reducing vulnerability to possible threats. A virtual environment by itself allows custom security settings for each virtual machine (VM) user, thus allowing access only to authorized personnel. Moreover, you can isolate a VM, stopping its further penetration to the main servers, and also roll back to a secure state before further attack.
  • Enhanced Customer Support – Virtualization services address server downtime issues with ease and also offer less downtime, enabling you to provide seamless services to your customer base. It does so by switching to a backup server immediately upon the downtime.

This list not exhaustive! There are many such benefits that virtualization services can offer to an IT business. One can leverage the benefits of virtualization services in various forms as:

  • Server Virtualization
  • OS Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Hardware Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization

Want to try out virtualization? Give it a try!


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