New core access point with multiple campus entrance points provides key destination for Ashburn Express Cable being built by USA FIBER

USAfiber-logo-500px1ASHBURN, Va., May 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — USA FIBER today announced that the Ashburn Express Cable, which is in construction phase, has reached another milestone and has expanded its data center presence now connecting Equinix’s International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers in Ashburn (DC1-14) to its existing core underground ring in Ashburn. USA FIBER’s new dark fiber peering platform in Ashburn is built underground, within multiple conduit containing 864 fibers in each ring, fully redundant, and terminate inside of Equinix’s ecosystem in Ashburn. The Ashburn Express Cable will provide a high-capacity fiber route between Baltimore, MD and Northern Virginia when complete in late 2016, with sub 1 millisecond optical network performance using a new, exclusive right of way for increased performance and diversity from current routes.

Highlights / Key Facts

  • Explosive growth in cyber security, mobile, content delivery, video streaming, tele-presence, social media, and cloud-based data traffic offers tremendous revenue opportunities for high-margin corporate and retail services such as Ethernet and MPLS. To remain competitive, network operators are expanding their infrastructures to meet demand for these new services—and are turning to colocation data centers that not only offer all the network-to-network connectivity of a carrier hotel, but also act as aggregation points for concentrations of customers in network-centric industries.
  • The Ashburn Express cable system offers a unique trans-MD-VA routes crossing the Potomac River and bypassing the Interstate 95 corridor, Amtrak and Washington DC. The cables are made up of multiple 432 fiber-pairs, each capable of transmitting wavelengths at 100G+ per second. This level of high-performance connectivity is increasingly required by global businesses, large government, and education customers running latency-sensitive applications that may suffer and result end a poor end-user experience.
  • Equinix’s Ashburn, VA IBX data centers serve as carrier-neutral Points of Presence (PoP) locations for the Ashburn Express cable which is a direct fiber pathway under the Potomac River, connecting the two key markets for the Federal Government, healthcare industry and higher education with the high capacity to support growing bandwidth needs between users and the cloud.
  • Platform Equinix™ is the home of many business ecosystems, including hundreds of cloud and network service providers, which gives business the ability to interconnect with partners, customers and employees across geographies through direct, secure physical and virtual connections, to accelerate business performance and create new opportunities.
  • Global businesses are increasingly using more capacity to run IT operations including cloud-based applications. Connecting a Marylandbased campus directly to the Equinix campus with dark fiber offers direct connectivity to leading cloud service providers, with full control of performance, speed and scale that your network will see over time. This includes access to providers such as (but not limited to): Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer, and Oracle Cloud. These dedicated, private connections reduce network costs and provide higher, more consistent network performance than Internet-based connections for enterprise customers looking to build hybrid clouds.


  • Judd Carothers, Chief Operating Officer, USA FIBER:
    “Ashburn Express has been experiencing increased demand for our connectivity services between Baltimore and Ashburn. We looked for key destinations our clients want to go, and Equinix consistently is the leading data center ecosystem that our clients want to participate with. Equinix provides an ideal environment for customers to interconnect with other businesses between these key government, defense and healthcare markets.”
  • Jim Poole, vice president, Global Ecosystems, Equinix:
    “Equinix is increasingly seeing cable system providers come into our facilities because they house a host of business ecosystems that provide a rich opportunity for businesses looking to move into new markets or with new partners. We remain committed to providing fast, secure and interconnected routes between key markets and the Ashburn Express Cable System is a great addition to help strengthen that offering.”

About USA FIBER: USA FIBER is a purpose built, high capacity, dark fiber network provider. USA FIBER engineers, builds and maintains application and carrier neutral dark fiber networks designed for mission critical customers. This strategy allows clients to connect with their applications and customers, on their own terms. Founded by Ken Goff and Judd Carothers, USA FIBER has deep expertise on staff to engineer, build and manage the most stringent of dark fiber networks, encompassing a history of over 10,000 route miles and 50 years of excellence. USA FIBER owns and operates dark fiber routes and focuses on purpose built new routes that add diversity, performance and scalability for clients’ coast to coast.

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Jeremy Latimer
Vice President of Sales