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CloudPOST was created for the sole purpose of offering timely, relevant information to cloud experts, data center and IT and managers. Today, we’re doing the very same same thing—telling you what makes today’s cloud tick, and what is the future of tomorrow’s cloud.
Our daily posts are contributed by senior cloud experts, and other industry experts. The CloudPOST team works hard to get the most current information to add relevance to a successful cloud environment.

In today’s cloud, there’s no room for downtime, security breaches, or lack of planning. A well-oiled cloud environment is the foundation of success for any size company. But getting there requires dedication, education, knowledge-sharing, an insatiable appetite for technology, and a commitment to business excellence. CloudPOST aims to bring the cloud community together to realize all of the above. We’re a knowledge base, a news portal, and a timeless beacon for the cloud industry.

What is a POST?

Posts are the heartbeat of CloudPOST. Simply put, a post is an original chunk of information that you can use to enrich your own knowledge base, and keep up with today’s demanding cloud challenges. So if you have a  technology or solution that our readers should know about, we want to know.

What a POST is NOT…

A post is not a syndicated press release. We get tons of these in our inbox. However, behind every great press release is a great story or POST! Turn your press releases into original stories that cloud pundits want to hear. Tell us as best as you can, from a vendor-neutral standpoint, how the solution mentioned in the press release contributes to the overall effectiveness of today’s cloud.
A post is not a case study. Same as above. We get tons of those as well. Turn your case study into an original post that our readers can read without hearing a sales pitch.
A post is not a whitepaper. Same as above. Turn your whitepaper into an original post that our readers can read without getting unnecessarily technical. Our readers aren’t beginners, but they’re not here every day to read an encyclopedia either!
Note: We are currently building our library of free whitepapers and case studies. To submit, send your file (no links please) to 

How much does it cost to post?

CloudPOST does not charge posting fees – it’s absolutely FREE!

Who should post?

We’re looking for experts in the cloud industry. Are you a vendor that caters to cloud experts? Do you have content that will enrich the cloud community? How is your company helping to shape the cloud landscape?  What is your company doing that deserves recognition?

Why post?

Posting your content on CloudPOST gives you access to our large and rapidly expanding group of Cloud architects, Cloud software engineers, cloud sales executives, cloud sales representatives, cloud sales consultants, cloud sales managers, Cloud engineers, Cloud services developers, Cloud systems administrators, Cloud consultants, Cloud systems engineers, Cloud network engineers, Cloud product managers, data center and IT managers, CEOs, Presidents, VPs, CIOs, Product Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Researchers, and data center marketing specialists. Your information is read by thousands of visitors daily. But we don’t stop there – we aggressively push your information to our social friends including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and we’ll submit your content to hundreds of directories – every day.

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