Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO of JFrog, says:

JFrog, which provides world-class infrastructure for software management and distribution in open-source, on premise and SaaS cloud solutions, added Docker support to its popular Bintray distribution-as-a-service (DaaS) platform. When combined with JFrog’s Artifactory binary repository management system, organizations can now manage Docker images with a powerful end-to-end solution that supports all technologies. Docker users.

Bintray now allows organizations to create an unlimited number of private Docker repositories, and through the use of fast Akamai content delivery networks (CDNs), Bintray decreases the download time of large Docker repositories, speeding DevOps work significantly. Bintray’s highly available service and download layer also helps Docker users eliminate service disruption and performance degradation.

Docker support is a natural progression of JFrog’s mission to provide agnostic, enterprise-grade support for every stage and aspect of code development and deployment. We are fueled by community feedback, so providing a trusted, secure, local Docker registry with Artifactory was part of the solution, and now we have completed the flow with our powerful software distribution platform, Bintray.

Bintray now enables:

  • Unlimited private repository support
  • Customers to use their own host names for Docker registries
  • CDN service for faster, more efficient downloads
  • Logs and statistics for private and public repositories
  • Smart image cleanup that accounts for ancestry trees
  • A single tool to serve as a secure local Docker registry alongside other technologies (Debian, RPM, Maven, Gradle, Nuget, and more)

JFrog provides an end-to-end solution with Artifactory and Bintray for a multitude of binary or package types, and a fully automated continuous delivery pipeline for software development and deployment. Some of JFrog’s customers includes Netflix, Apple, Pivotal, Oracle, Twitter and others, and most of these customers are already evaluating JFrog’s Docker support.