Originally posted on Data Center POST

Telescent, a leading manufacturer of automated fiber cross-connects for data centers, recently announced that Quantum Loophole, Inc. had signed an agreement for Telescent’s automated interconnect system to be deployed at the company’s Quantum Maryland data center development site, currently under construction. Telescent will manage connectivity and diagnostics for Quantum Loophole’s QLoop fiber network.

The QLoop fiber network is a 40 (+/-) mile hyperscale fiber ring connecting Quantum Maryland to the Northern Virginia Internet ecosystem. Telescent’s automated interconnect system will manage interconnections across the campus and between Frederick and many locations across data center alley in Northern Virginia. The automated interconnection system reduces the need for additional manpower, will minimize truck rolls, and can process interconnections within a few minutes end-to-end.

Josh Snowhorn, founder and CEO of Quantum Loophole, Inc recently commented, “We are confident that the use of robotics in our high-capacity network and development site will enable our customers to connect with ease and allow for management of fiber at a significantly higher scale. We’re excited to be one of the largest-scale customers to deploy Telescent’s automated cross-connect platform in our Quantum Maryland campus and across our QLoop network. It’s exciting to continue to raise the bar of what is possible in the industry.” 

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