SAP and Deutsche Telekom’s enterprise IT-focused subsidiary T-Systems announced a deal that would see the two team up to develop a cloud-based Internet of Things platform aimed at the logistics sectors.

The companies intend to integrate SAP Connected Logistics software with T-Systems’ connected car solution, which will form the foundation of a cloud-based logistics networking platform.

The platform will stream traffic information picked up from a range of IoT sensors as well as services and applications relating to the ports, airports and parcel distribution centres directly to mobile devices.

“Today, the logistics industry is frequently faced with the challenge of having to optimize flows of goods in a limited area,” said Horst Leonberger, head of the Connected Car business unit of T-Systems parent Deutsche Telekom. “With smartPORT logistics, we enable our customers to manage their flows of goods in real time and therefore make optimum use of the limited space.”

Nils Herzberg, senior vice president of Internet of Things GTM at SAP said: “The Internet of Things is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – where smart businesses use information and communications technologies to digitize their processes and help reap huge benefits in the form of improving quality, driving lower costs and promoting increased efficiency.”

The move comes the same day SAP announced an IoT-focused partnership with Jasper wireless, which will see the companies integrate Jasper’s IoT service management automation platform with SAP HANA on the back-end and SAP Fiori on the front end.