Originally posted on Data Center POST

Subsea Environmental Services (‘Subsea’) and Red Penguin Associates (advisors) (‘Red Penguin’) are beginning to decommission the TAT-14 telecommunications cable system. The system, operational between 2001 and 2020 was a North Atlantic connectivity kingpin, connecting the US, UK, France, Denmark and The Netherlands.  In its heyday, the system was the 14th consortium transatlantic telecommunications cable system, and the decommissioning is the end of an era. The decommissioning project requires access to deep-water segments in the North Atlantic and includes removal and recycling of share-ends. 

The planning phase for the project began more than a year ago.  The project required a comprehensive Decommissioning Study, which looked at all of the interests of the multiple stakeholders in regards to permitting, environmental impact, GIS/database analysis, review of as-builts, crossings and proximity considerations of third-party assets across various international boundaries and jurisdictions.

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