By Jacob Colleen

Smart devices have become a daily necessity for end users to stay alive. And, the third wave of online world known as Internet of Things brings more benefits. It has recorded its presence in areas like environment, safety, health, etc. As per some surveys, around 29 billion devices from cars to wearable are expected to get linked with internet.

The prime motto of IoT is to create a perfect balance between physical and digital world. Each year, some fresh trends become a part of such technology. So, what are you expecting from the bag of IoT?

We will discuss the best IoT trends expected to rule in 2018.

IoT and Blockchain Bonding Continues

Blockchain for IoT is expected to power the transaction process. It will provide a trustworthy environment globally. Here, transactions remain encoded and automated. Therefore, one should not worry about privacy as it is preserved, and each party owns security.

With Blockchain solutions, IoT will enable organizations to become operationally efficient, find better business models and offer improved customer experience. So, in 2018, organizations under this bonding will gain the best value of their investment. Secure transactions, reduced cost and more trust are key factors.

Keep Making Marketing Efforts

This is something you must have done in the previous year and will continue this year. Yes, get ready to earn more customers. You can do it with alerts based on incentives, bargains and other information based on their offices and homes.

As expected, more companies will start using IoT for personalized marketing tactics. But, make sure you strike a balance as overdo of anything can harm your reputation.

Cognition in Computing

Cognitive computing emerges as a powerful trend this year. We used to connect multiple things with IP addresses that are unique. But, IoT brings a better solution.

Cognitive computing lets you pile up more data and improve learning environment. This enables you to mix varied streams of data which further recognize patterns easily.

Mobile Platform Will be Loved, As Usual

This certainly adds marks in IoT popular trends. Mobile-only or mobile-first will continue to fascinate the market. This is because mobile platforms will assist in IoT devices management system.

This year, development of mobile platforms will remain on the rise. And, if enterprises want to take complete advantage of it, they need to adopt it as early as possible. Here, early joiners will reap the best benefits and late joiners cannot avail that much.

Security Is Hot

Security is the most sought-after feature as we want to ease our lives in 2018. Being active participants of IoT, everyone should take care of security of the solutions, devices and data. Manufacturers of devices, consumers, app developers, operators, and businesses should remain responsible. It revolves around a multi-layered system. So, each participant must show complete involvement.

Increased Fragmentation

IoT is a continuous process and it will become more fragmented. Growth of cloud solutions and SaaS programs is quite visible. Some companies, due to compatibility issues, will find it a bit difficult to cope with fragmentation. But they can resolve such petty issues by inserting intelligent tricks.

About the Author

Jacob Colleen is an app developer at Webby Central, IoT app company. He loves to explore things based on the latest technology of internet of things.