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SDN-Based Connectivity Offerings Increasing Among Data Center Providers 1_optToday, enterprises are demanding access to network connectivity services that are simple, cost-effective and highly-scalable. To satisfy this requirement, many data center operators are now providing customers with connectivity platforms that leverage software-defined networking (SDN) and cutting-edge optical and packet switching technologies for increased agility, flexibility and performance.

Colo Atl, for example, is now offering access to PacketFabric’s new SDN-based network platform. Colo Atl is an SDN-Based Connectivity Offerings Increasing Among Data Center Providers 2_optAtlanta-based provider of carrier-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection services. PacketFabric’s fully automated network platform allows for the instantaneous, secure and direct provisioning of terabit-scale connectivity between any of the 128 locations on its network. Customers can now design and deploy any network configuration leveraging an advanced API and Web-based portal for unmatched visibility and control over their network services and traffic. Plus, real-time analytics and interactive troubleshooting capabilities allow PacketFabric to offer the robustness of a packet-switched network, while also ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

A provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services, PacketFabric is now able to easily interconnect with network service providers with no monthly recurring cross-connect fees inside of the Colo Atl Meet-Me Area.  What’s more, the collaboration enables seamless access to the platform for Colo Atl’s enterprise, cloud and XaaS provider customers.

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