global cloud xchange

rita nolan

– Rita Nolan, Freelance Contributor, says:

Bill Barney, CEO of Global Cloud Xchange, a Reliance Company, unveiled a new global brand, strategy and product initiatives during an invite-only press conference held at the Yale Club in New York City on March 18, 2014.  The event drew in leading industry media representatives from major publications including Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, eWeek, Light Reading, TeleGeography, and many more.

In a packed room, Barney relayed the story of the history of Reliance Globalcom as a “quiet force” in the networking space in the emerging markets.  Key facts cited included:

  • 63,000 managed sites with reach to over 160 countries and territories;
  • $3B in US undersea and terrestrial fiber assets that reach 85% of the world’s population;
  • 1,900 customers, out of which 74 are Fortune 500;
  • 1,300 people across 65 offices globally;
  • Global offices and presence in Mumbai, Denver, Hong Kong and London; and
  • One of the largest and fastest growing fiber operators in the emerging markets.

What’s in the Name?

The Global Cloud XChange is the name of the new company.  It embodies the unique characteristics of the term cloud and exchange in a unique way.   Where the company uses the term cloud, it is in reference to the customized aspects of global networking and the company’s capabilities to deliver it through a public, private and hybrid network.  It is also in reference to its capabilities in providing managed services along with the company’s ability to house and store data in rural and urban-situated facilities around the world (Barney promises to expand on their data center strategy in the coming months).

Where the company uses the word ‘Xchange’ it is not necessarily in the traditional sense of the world.  Yes, leveraging the Global Cloud Xchange’s worldwide network capabilities will enable customers to access and exchange data, voice, content and beyond.  But for the company, this word truly means the crossroads – the intersection – of the old way of constructing and managing global enterprise network solutions and a new paradigm in doing so to deliver the world’s first true cloud ecosystem globally.

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