Originally posted to Data Center POST

By Nick Coult, Senior Vice President for Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Numerica Corporation

In the Enterprise IT world, it can sometimes seem like the whole world is moving to the cloud.  Indeed, a recent survey of IT professionals found that among organizations with over 500 employees, 84 percent planned to move workloads to some form of cloud solution in the next few years.

The benefits of moving to the cloud are clear.  Cloud solutions can save on infrastructure costs and improve scalability and reliability in ways that on-site physical resources simply cannot match. And yet, the cloud adoption rate among public safety organizations is significantly lower than among the enterprise IT market as a whole.

Due to the sensitivity of the data managed by such organizations, and the mission-critical nature of the tasks they perform, reluctance to migrate to the cloud is understandable. However, as the rest of the world moves in that direction, it is becoming increasingly untenable for public safety to maintain their operations as purely on-premise IT shops. Public safety IT managers and executives need to develop a cloud strategy soon if they have not already done so. Before making the transition, here are some key questions that decision makers need to answer.

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