Originally published to Data Center POST. 

Data Center POST interview with Kurt Stoever, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, DC BLOX

By Contributing Editor Sarah Chamberlain

Kurt Stoever is Chief Product and Marketing Officer for DC BLOX, an Atlanta-based data center company providing connectivity for today’s distributed IT infrastructure. At DC BLOX, Kurt spearheads new product development, P&L, lead generation and market engagement. Prior to his work at the company, Kurt served as Executive Vice President of Cloud and Managed Services, Executive Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Service Support for Quality Technology Services (QTS). He has also held senior management positions at Aptegrity, Globix and Electronic Data Systems. Kurt has garnered over 30 years of industry experience driving growth, optimizing operations and increasing client satisfaction.

Data Center POST recently had the chance to chat with Kurt about the future of DC BLOX and how their goals intersect with those of PTC ‘19.

Data Center POST, Sarah Chamberlain (DCP-SC) Question: Tell our readers what problems DC BLOX is attempting to solve right now?

DC BLOX, Kurt Stoever (DCB-KS) Answer: We’re solving some of the challenges of digital transformation in mid-markets though our platform of interconnected data centers. Businesses have increasingly distributed IT infrastructure across their own data centers, mobile apps, public cloud, IoT devices, Software-as-a-Service solutions, and partners. Connecting all of this infrastructure is becoming increasingly challenging and DC BLOX offers secure reliable colocation with a software-defined network fabric and an ecosystem of connectivity partners, helping IT become more agile. DC BLOX is powering digital business.

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