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Just last month, Gigaom published an article titled, “Where’s my cloud price cut?” in which, Praveen Asthana, discusses the hidden costs of public cloud. As Praveen Asthana notes, although AWS has been making price cuts along side other cloud providers like Google and Microsoft Azure, the cloud pricing world is quickly starting to look a lot like the airline world, where airlines go head to head with their slashed ticketing prices. However, much like the airline world, price cuts still come with a price. For airlines this means exorbitant prices for travel peak seasons, baggage fees, and you can forget about complimentary cocktails and lunches. Same goes for the cloud pricing world.

Although you may see a hefty price cut from AWS, there are still specific configurations, a mix of services, and offerings not typically shown to the customer and certainly aren’t involved in the price cut advertised. For many cloud consumers, this isn’t even a concern. But as Asthana points out, most aren’t event aware that it should be, and even if they are concerned of their cloud computing costs, aren’t able to decipher their bill or where they’re saving money. Which brings to question, do you know what you’re paying for? More importantly, could you be paying less?

This is why we were determined to end AWS dependency with an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage self-service private Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud. Piston OpenStack private cloud software gives you the same ease of use and developer-centric features as AWS without the high prices, limited customer service, disk I/O issues, and rogue zombie servers. Delivering compute, storage, networking, and management through self-service interfaces and APis, Piston OpenStack also includes a hyper-converged hardware architecture, a highly-secure stateless Micro-OS, and advanced cluster management technology so you know exactly where your resources are going.

At Piston, we also include 24×7 complimentary customer care as part of your license so there are no add ons or surprise costs for our customers. Companies building web, mobile, and big data applications use Piston’s secure private cloud environment and cost-effective AWS-like capabilities to bring new products to market faster at ⅓ of the cost of AWS. We agree with Praveen Asthana, and also encourage cloud consumers to take a close look at what they’re actually paying for.

Need help determining whether you could save more on your cloud computing costs? Use our easy TCO calculator to estimate how much your Piston OpenStack private cloud will cost, and compare it to your current AWS bill.

You can find the TCO calcualator here http://pistoncloud.com/tco-calculator/ or talk to a Piston Solutions Engineer to schedule a live demo of Piston OpenStack.