Montreal-based network pros, Obkio, release a new Live Traceroutes feature to their network performance monitoring software. Users can leverage real-time Traceroutes to locate network issues, and share data to troubleshoot network issues faster than ever. 

Over the past year, Obkio has been working hard to expand their Network Performance Monitoring Solution to offer even more features that simplify network performance monitoring and optimization. Monitoring network performance is crucial to helping businesses ensure the proper functioning of their core IT resources and business applications. You can learn more about the most important reasons to monitor network performance here.

Now, the team is proud to release a new core feature to their Network Performance Monitoring software, the Live Traceroute! With this feature, Obkio users can leverage Traceroutes to troubleshoot network performance issues faster.

We wanted to create a feature that leveraged the power of traditional Traceroutes to help users easily identify network issues in real-time. Traditionally, Traceroute was a tool used mostly by IT pros, but we wanted to make it accessible for everyone.

  • Jean-Francois Levesque

Founder & CEO, Obkio

What are Traceroutes?

Traceroutes are considered the most popular tool that network engineers use to troubleshoot networks, and identify network performance issues.

As its name suggests, the main purpose of a traceroute is to trace the IP route from a source to a destination inside an IP network. It shows users the routers and the round-trip latency from the source to each of the routers.

To help everyone understand how to use traceroutes, Obkio has released a series of articles on Traceroutes on their blog which covers a variety of topics about Traceroutes and how they work, as well as a breakdown of how IT pros can identify network issues using traceroutes.

Live Traceroute Feature

Obkio’s Live Traceroute feature is used in combination with the network monitoring sessions. This means that a monitoring session must be configured between two agents to be able to use that feature.

Below is a screen capture that shows how to do it.






Live Traceroute Features

  • Identify Network Issues:

Live Traceroutes show the forward and the reverse traceroutes with latencies and packet loss. It’s the perfect tool to help users pinpoint the location of network performance issues in real-time.

  • Share Traceroute Data with 3rd Parties:

Users can easily share the traceroute results with their team, IT consultants and service providers’ support team to troubleshoot issues as fast as possible.

  • Traceroute From Both Directions

When looking at a traceroute, Network engineers will tell you that you need a traceroute from both directions, because Traffic in IP networks is asymmetrical. Obkio’s Live Traceroute gives you just that.

Network Performance Monitoring

With the increasing demand on networks comes the possibility that things can go wrong. That’s why Obkio monitors network performance 24/7, to establish a baseline for each network monitoring session and let you know if anything goes wrong.

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