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mef16-nan-chen-president-mef-third-network-vision-progress-reportMEF16 Address by Nan Chen, President, MEF; Vice-Chairman, CENX – Two years ago, MEF launched its vision to enable Third Network services optimized for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world. Warmly received by many top service and technology leaders across the globe, the Third Network concept combines the agility and ubiquity of the Internet with the performance and security assurances of CE 2.0. Third Network services provide an on-demand/agile, assured, and orchestrated experience with user-directed control over service capabilities & cloud connectivity. These services are delivered over automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks powered by LSO, SDN, NFV, and CE 2.0. This keynote will provide a progress report on major initiatives – including collaboration with numerous open source projects and industry standards organizations – that are turning the Third Network vision into reality.

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