Businesses today are facing many hurdles on the road to cloud adoption such as unifying complex, fragmented IT solutions, addressing skillset gaps and embracing cultural challenges. These challenges can slow cloud adoption, and restrict innovation.

Fortunately, recent industry advancements make it easier to overcome these challenges. Unitas Global, for instance, recently acquired hybrid cloud and digital transformation enabler Solinea, Inc. This acquisition strengthens Unitas Global’s ability to provide customers seamless cloud adoption for end-to-end hybrid cloud solutions.

“By acquiring Solinea, Unitas Global enhances its ability to deliver targeted business outcomes in partnership with our clients, expanding beyond our current core competencies as an infrastructure-focused service provider,” said Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global. “This will immediately give our clients a single trusted partner to help with cloud strategy enablement, adoption, and cloud infrastructure management.”

Grant Kirkwood, CTO of Unitas Global, also commented on the acquisition.

“In addition to developing cloud adoption strategies, the Solinea acquisition brings new services to the Unitas Global offering. These include multi-cloud design and implementation, container and microservices (Kubernetes) enablement, managed DevOps-as-a-Service, CI/CD pipeline tooling and management, and application migration expertise,” stated Kirkwood. “We plan to build on these services to create a next-generation cloud transformation platform for our enterprise clients.”

These services are helping to build an industry-leading transformational cloud platform, and will result in a next-generation end-to-end cloud service partner for Unitas’ enterprise customers.

“Solinea’s offerings together with Unitas Global’s expertise will deliver an integrated set of capabilities that will enable our clients to continuously innovate as they fully embrace the cloud,” explained Francesco Paola, CEO of Solinea. “This unique opportunity places Unitas in the optimal position to provide clients the expertise they need to accelerate and simplify their cloud adoption strategies.”

By using this set of capabilities, clients will have a much easier time maintaining innovation while migrating to the cloud.

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