Originally posted to Data Center POST

Data Center POST interview with Antoine Fournier, CEO Kosc Telecom

By Managing Editor Ilissa Miller

Antoine Fournier is CEO of Kosc Telecom, the French wholesale-only CaaS provider. Since Kosc’s creation, he has driven a new vision with Connectivity as a Service, now a reality for carriers with connectivity needs in France.

At 41 years old, Antoine has developed a strong knowledge of the telecom industry through his previous experience. He was Director in Regulatory Affairs for Strategy and Economics at Colt Technology Services Group and Partner at Tera Consultants where he began his career. Antoine climbed the ranks within the international economic consulting firm while completing on an average of 20 missions a year, both in France and abroad. His telecommunication expertise was called upon to handle deployment or regulatory issues.

With ITW 2019 approaching soon, we sat down to chat with Antoine about how Kosc solves its clients’ problems and what’s on the horizon for the company.

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