As the industry moves closer to 5G and the edge, Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), is working to answer the question, “How do we combine infrastructure with software?” On the recent Code Story Podcast, Jim Fagan, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer at GCX, explores the opportunities and complexities of the exciting journey of finding where infrastructure and software combine to create a global connectivity solution for its 140+ multinational customers.

Jim says, “On our enterprise side, there are a lot of software based solutions, but then we underpin that with the largest privately owned subsea network in the world, which is infrastructure. And we do have infrastructure in hard to reach places – we land in all the Middle East countries and India.” 

Jim then goes on to mention the expansion and growth opportunities for GCX including robust products & services, extending its global infrastructure, providing software on the optics above its infrastructure, and more. GCX is constantly monitoring market trends and its customers’ needs to best understand these opportunities. For example, Jim mentions that GCX offers services to some of the largest content companies, providing critical infrastructure where they want to have a presence, including those hard to reach places. 

With the combination of infrastructure and software, GCX will be able to play a critical role in providing global connectivity solutions to current and future customers.

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About GCX:

Global CloudXchange (GCX) offers network services that power digital transformation for enterprises, new media providers, and telecoms carriers. The company covers all aspects of cloud-centric connectivity from managed SD-WAN and hybrid networks, to direct Cloud connections and 100 Gbps+ waves. With a pedigree going back 30+ years, GCX are experts in providing connectivity throughout the Emerging Markets Corridor into Asia via the vast GCX subsea network (the world’s largest private submarine cable network), with extensions available into more than 200 countries worldwide.

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