Originally published to Data Center POST. 


Infomart plans to expand data services through a wholesale data center and propel significant growth in the data center industry. Infomart recently appointed Brian Cox, CEO, Infomart, indicating that company will seek “accelerated organic and inorganic growth.”

The consensus among executives is that the company has the resources to grow and expand into new markets. Other new Infomart hires include Chief Operating Officer Donough Roche and Chief Revenue Officer Ty Miller, both veterans of Digital Realty.

“With IPI as our partner, we are perfectly positioned to build on our existing platform and expand into other markets, with a goal of rapidly scaling the business to meet the unique needs of our customers,” said Cox. “We will be growing where our customers need to be.”

Infomart is in many ways a trend setter. The data center landscape is changing as data centers are restructuring to play a larger role in the industry. Infomart is building on their existing platform and expanding into new markets.


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