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The current business environment

Enterprises are looking at global on-demand availability of applications, data and service platforms, while pushing to the edge over fixed, mobile and other IT infrastructure. The need for dependable connectivity is non-negotiable and this movement of data is also bringing new vulnerabilities. Enterprises are having to answer to their customers on how they provide reliability without sacrificing security and business continuity.

How the carrier community is preparing for this next wave of threats

  1. Getting customer buy in

Preparation is key. Carriers are researching emerging technologies that are better able to mitigate network vulnerabilities and security threats to customers. DDoS attacks, vulnerabilities native to routers, malware awareness, detection and quarantine before hitting carrier or customer networks — these threats and prevention methods require readiness. The challenge is that the customers aren’t exactly sure what they want or need. The short answer for carriers is to continue research and keep a finger-on-the-pulse while proposing solutions to customers.

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