It has been an exciting year for GTT Communications, Inc. (NYSE: GTT). In January, the company completed its acquisition of Hibernia Networks, and in June, it acquired Perseus and announced its intention to acquire Global Capacity. Through these transactions and organic growth, in 2017, GTT has expanded its product portfolio to include Optical Transport, Managed SD-WAN and DDoS Mitigation services, added low-latency fiber assets, and expanded its points of presence around the world.

CloudPOST spoke with GTT’s chief marketing officer, Gina Nomellini, about the company’s attendance at Capacity North America 2017, taking place September 6-7 in Denver, its success in the market and the planned acquisition of Global Capacity.

Q and A with CloudPOST’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

CloudPOST, Kathy Xu (CP-KX) Question: What can you tell us about the recent announcement to acquire Global Capacity and how it will help GTT achieve its goals?

GTT, Gina Nomellini (GTT-GN) Answer: The acquisition of Global Capacity is significant in that it will accelerate GTT’s growth strategy and further allow us to deliver on our commitment of connecting people across organizations and around the world. Global Capacity will augment GTT’s Managed SD-WAN service, adding diverse access options, including an extensive on-net Ethernet over Copper footprint. Additionally, the transaction will expand the scale and reach of our network, adding last-mile connectivity to millions of U.S. commercial locations, and will allow GTT to augment our capabilities in serving healthcare, application service providers, retail and carrier clients.

CP-KX Q: GTT’s global Tier 1 IP backbone is a market enabler; how are enterprises leveraging your network to help their businesses more effectively?

GTT-GN A: GTT’s Tier 1 IP network is ranked in the top five on a global basis. Multinational clients leverage our network to expand their reach to any location in the world and any application in the cloud. The acquisition of Perseus has expanded our reach into Brazil, and we look forward to adding more points of presence in the coming months. Additionally, with the acquisition of Hibernia Networks, GTT added an optical network earlier this year, including 75 points of presence and the industry’s lowest latency transatlantic fiber network: GTT Express. Through these assets, we are able to provide high-performance connectivity between major financial exchanges and secure, private connections to leading cloud service providers. These capabilities ensure that our clients have seamless access to the business-critical services and resources that they require.

CP-KX Q: With more than 30 acquisitions under its belt, what’s next for GTT in 2018 and beyond?

GTT-GN A: We have a robust funnel of M&A opportunities. We evaluate each opportunity in our funnel based on the following criteria:

  • Does it contribute network assets that are complementary to our existing network, i.e., expanding our geographic reach?
  • Does it augment our growing customer base and deepen our presence in target verticals?
  • Does it expand our product capabilities in secure cloud networking services that align with client demand?
  • Is it financially accretive, with opportunities for cost synergy and added scale?
  • Does it require integration, and if so, can we integrate it to our standard?
  • Can we strengthen our management talent through the acquisition?

GTT has had significant success over the past few years, especially with larger acquisitions like the managed services division of MegaPath, One Source Networks and Hibernia. We continue to look at companies that are located in Europe or North America, focusing on long-haul routes versus metro fiber, in addition to Asia-Pacific and Latin America. GTT will continue to execute its growth strategy through selective acquisitions and the expansion of its new divisions in Enterprise, Carrier and EMEA.

CP-KX Q: What is GTT hoping to achieve from attending Capacity North America this year?

GTT-GN A: Capacity North America is an excellent forum to network with prospects, clients and the carrier community. In particular, I am looking forward to participating in the panel Meeting Cloud Connectivity Requirements to Service Next Generation Enterprises. We will be discussing technologies and best practices that service providers can implement to support enterprise clients’ increasing reliance on the cloud. I will be speaking on GTT’s Managed SD-WAN offering and how it provides clients with enhanced bandwidth efficiencies and improved performance of business-critical cloud-based applications.

CP-KX: Thank you for your time, and best wishes at Capacity North America. Readers, if you are interested in learning more about GTT, please visit