Originally posted to Data Center POST

By Albert A. Ahdoot, Director of Business Development, Colocation America

Complying with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and FISMA is a must for colocation facilities handling financial data.

In today’s finance industry, organizations are tasked with handling ever-increasing volumes of data securely and efficiently, which is why an effective IT strategy is essential to the success of any financial services company. The ongoing shift to mobile banking, investing, and payments has only intensified this imperative.

While major financial services companies may have the resources to build and manage their own data centers, many smaller players rely on server colocation to meet their IT needs. Colocation facilities provide racks, security, power, cooling, fire protection, and network connectivity while still allowing customers to purchase and retain ownership of their own servers. In short, colocation takes advantage of economies of scale to reduce costs for organizations with finite IT budgets.

To meet the financial services industry’s needs, however, colocation facilities need to maintain the proper certifications. For facilities handling financial services organizations’ workloads, the most important certifications are ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and FISMA. Below, I’ll explain these three certifications, and what they mean for colocation facilities.

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