Q&A with CloudPOST’s Contributing Editor, Ilissa Miller

Mohamad Kazah, CEO, Global Frag NetworksGlobal Frag Networks CEO Mohamad Kazah believes that the most important element for success in any venture is bringing together smart, self-powered individuals and trusting them to lead and succeed.He values taking intelligent risks, building an understanding of the task at hand, and creating significant value for anything that he does. Mr. Kazah uses this thought process to guide Global Frag Networks as a leader in the DDoS mitigated hosting industry..

In this CloudPOST Q&A, we learn more about Global Frag Networks and what it hopes to achieve at HostingCon Global 2017.

CloudPOST, Ilissa Miller (CP-IM) Question: Tell our readers about your company: What do you do and what problems are you attempting to solve? 

Mohamad Kazah (GLOBAL FRAG NETWORKS-MK) A: Founded in 2007, Global Frag Networks (GFN), started as a leader in the game server hosting industry. In 2012, we saw a huge problem with other DDoS mitigation providers not able to be ductile to customer needs. We decided to change that by offering our customers the freedom of custom mitigation for unique services they may be running. Now, we are proud to provide a wide variety of Internet based services and products, spanning from dedicated servers, colocation, and cloud, to shared hosting, including comprehensive protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

CP-IM Q: What has your company achieved that makes it unique in the industry?

GFN-MK A: Global Frag Networks takes pride in putting customers first and foremost, always striving to raise the bar of customer satisfaction and expectations. We assure our customers with the most reliable and high quality of services that other companies just can’t compete with, one of which is our Asia-optimized transit carriers. We are one of the few companies who can say, “We ensure low latency and high network performance, globally.”

CP-IM Q: How do you see the cloud industry evolving? What do you think is the greatest challenge in the cloud industry?

GFN-MK A: Cloud is only starting to coexist with other applications and services. The direction I see the cloud going is towards container-native and having a higher level of services, where in the past we simply deployed code and hoped it ran perfectly fine. I believe there is still huge potential to the cloud. There are many specific cloud-native infrastructures in the market specified towards a certain application. The challenge is some of them are too difficult to use for a normal end-user unless you’ve been certified and trained to use it.

CP-IM Q: What would you like to accomplish at HostingCon?

GFN-MK A: The team at Global Frag Networks will be letting the HostingCon Global attendees know what we can offer, how we differ from the competitors and that we take our customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

CP-IM Q: What else would you like to share with our readers about your participation at HostingCon?

GFN-MK A: What’s the saying? Nothing is ever perfect! We still have much to learn and much room to grow. Even if we feel confident and stable enough we will always think there’s still more to do. Not getting into details we do have something planned in the near future, but won’t go too much into it. I just hope this idea will change the hosting industry, giving other competitors a path to follow as we lead this new change in the industry.

CP-IM: Thank you for your time and best of luck at HostingCon.

Readers, if you are interested to learn more about Global Frag Networks, a leader in DDoS mitigated hosting, visit https://www.globalfrag.com/. If you would like to attend HostingCon, please register by clicking here. Follow all things HostingCon on Twitter with the hashtag #HostingCon.