Q&A with CloudPOST’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Gerald Choung, ESET, North America of VP Sales and MarketingESET North America’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gerald Choung recently spoke with CloudPOST to discuss ESET’s participation in HostingCon Global 2017 in Los Angeles from April 3-6. Other topics covered in the Q&A include what has driven the company’s success and challenges in the cloud industry.

CloudPOST, Kathy Xu (CP-KX) Question: Tell our readers about your company. What do you do and what problems are you attempting to solve? 

ESET, Gerald Choung (ESET-GC) Answer: ESET is one of the largest global IT security firms, protecting more than 100 million users in 200 countries from cyber threats. Attacks are increasingly sophisticated and targeted, and the attack surface for many companies is growing as more “things” become connected and rely on the internet. ESET’s technology and solutions have been evolving since our start in 1989. We protect against all sorts of threats, from newer ones like ransomware, to existing — but still very prevalent — ones like phishing attacks. Also, businesses increasingly need to encrypt data and secure assets to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Our two-factor authentication and encryption solutions solve these problems, and are just some of our more recent additions that help make it easy to get all your layers of security in one place. Our goal is always to make solutions that are effective, light-weight, and easy to use and manage.

CP-KX Q: What has your company achieved that makes it unique in the industry?

ESET-GC A: ESET recently made history as the first IT security company to earn 100 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards. Virus Bulletin is the leading independent authority that tests and reports on the effectiveness of anti-malware and related security solutions, and it praises ESET for its ability to catch every “in-the-wild” malware without interruption since 2003. Independent tests continue to rank ESET as one of the best endpoint (PC, server and mobile), mail, and anti-spam solutions on the market.

CP-KX Q: What do you think is the greatest challenge in the cloud industry?

ESET-GC A: MSPs who use tools to partially or fully automate tasks like device management, monitoring, helpdesk ticket monitoring, and billing will free up time to provide services that yield great returns with high profit margins. A great challenge is the tendency for cloud solution providers to deliver a “one service model fits all” mentality, without recognizing the key business challenges and critical needs of specialized industries, like healthcare.

CP-KX Q: How are you looking to strategically guide your business within the next few years?

ESET-GC A: Today, more than 90 percent of our new channel partner applications are from MSPs. This fits with a trend of organizations increasingly turning to the cloud and managed services for complete solutions. ESET provides a full range of vital security solutions, ranging from endpoint protection to threat intelligence, all in a very easy-to-administer and low-overhead package that is ideal for MSP environments.

CP-KX Q: What would you like to accomplish at HostingCon?

ESET-GC A: HostingCon is an opportunity for us to help providers discover how they can deliver essential security with little overhead for resources or administration. The technology is now so advanced that security no longer represents a burden or friction point, and we’re hoping to show this to attendees that are struggling to implement security, and seeking protection from existing and emerging threats like ransomware. Attendees can stop by our booth at the show, and view our resource page to learn more about how ESET helps MSPs grow their security business. 

KX-IM: Thank you for your time and best of luck at HostingCon.

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