Originally posted to Data Center POST

By Data Center POST contributor, Sarah Chamberlain

The world of data centers moves fast. With emerging technologies and trends like the cloud, the edge, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and more constantly redefining the field, the industry’s dynamism and breakneck pace can make keeping up difficult, even for the most talented entities. Yet, the breakthroughs and tireless efforts of individuals and companies across this sphere are what continually enable and empower our collective future. Luckily, despite the challenges that a rapidly-evolving industry presents, data center investments and hard-working minds continue to fuel unprecedented and powerful progress.

To highlight the fantastic accomplishments achieved by players across the data center and cloud space, the Datacloud Global Congress, hosted by BroadGroup, created the Datacloud Awards. Now in their 12th year, these prestigious awards recognize the teams, products, innovations, initiatives and projects that demonstrate unparalleled innovation and service excellence across data centers, the edge and the cloud.

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