Fast-Tracking the Digital Transformation of Your EnterpriseA growing number of enterprises are now seeking open source infrastructure, OpenStack and Kubernetes services without having to build in-house development or operations capabilities. These companies want to move forward with Digital Transformation initiatives, instead of getting bogged down with day-to-day infrastructure management.

One company that can help with this process is Unitas Global, which recently partnered with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, to offer a new, fully-managed and hosted OpenStack private cloud solution for global enterprise clients.

Moving forward, this new partnership, along with Unitas Global’s large ecosystem of integrators and partners, will give customers an end-to-end solution for designing, building and integrating custom private cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack. It can be delivered as a fully-managed solution anywhere in the world, so that organizations can easily consume the private cloud resources they need without building and operating the cloud itself.

Private cloud solutions offer predictable performance, security and the ability to customize the underlying infrastructure. The new joint offering combines Canonical’s automated deployment software and infrastructure operations with Unitas Global’s infrastructure and guest-level managed services in data centers throughout the world.

“Canonical and Unitas Global combine automated, customizable OpenStack software alongside fully-managed private cloud infrastructure, providing enterprise clients with a simplified approach to cloud integration throughout their business environment,” explained Grant Kirkwood, CTO and Founder, Unitas Global.  “We are very excited to partner with Canonical to bring this much-needed solution to market, enabling enhanced growth and success for our clients around the world.”

Canonical’s BootStack Product Manager Arturo Suarez also spoke about the partnership.

“By partnering with Unitas Global, we are able to deliver a flexible and affordable solution for enterprise cloud integration utilizing cutting-edge software built on fully-managed infrastructure,” added Suarez.  “At Canonical, it is our mission to drive technological innovation throughout the enterprise marketplace by making flexible, open source software available for simplified consumption wherever needed, and we are looking forward to working side-by-side with Unitas Global to deliver upon this promise.”

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