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Extending the Reach of Network ServicesIn order to remain competitive within the telecommunications industry, service providers across the nation are seeking cost-effective and efficient solutions to extend their network reach and serve a wider customer base in disparate markets.

Recently, NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced a partnership with PacketFabric that will extend its IP transit services to more locations across PacketFabric’s widespread U.S. network. The new pact will enable NTT Com to deliver its high-capacity IP services to a wider customer base by leveraging PacketFabric’s software-defined networking (SDN)-based platform. As a result, NTT Com’s Tier-1 Global IP Network will extend across an additional 130 locations and 13 metro markets nationwide.

“NTT Com is constantly working to further extend the reach of our global IP backbone and give new and existing customers the option to connect in more locations,” said Michael Wheeler, Executive Vice President of the NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America. “This collaboration allows us to offer IP services to anyone on the PacketFabric network.”

PacketFabric is reshaping the way customers establish connectivity at a fundamental level, delivering a superior solution for simple and cost-effective networking services deployment. Utilizing an innovative any-to-any mesh across North America as well as an advanced API and web-based portal, PacketFabric’s main objective is to virtualize and simplify the process of managing network infrastructure and capacity, delivering connectivity services at a significantly lower expense with greater flexibility. Through its partnership with NTT Com, PacketFabric now adds another ecosystem partner to expand its available Over-the-Top services.

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