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Data Center POST Interview with Misty Stine, Executive Vice President of Business Development, eX² Technology

By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Misty Stine is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at eX² Technology, a company that specializes in designing, installing and maintaining robust broadband, intelligent transportation and critical infrastructure networks for government agencies, consortiums and public-private partnerships (P3). Stine has more than 30 years of experience in the communications and critical infrastructure security industries and is a founding member of eX² Technology. She uses her deep industry knowledge to drive marketing strategy, generate new business and develop relationships with customers, businesses, vendors and suppliers. Prior to forming eX², Stine served as the Vice President of Business Development for G4S Technology/Adesta where she held senior management responsibility for the company’s strategic corporate initiatives, capturing business within the Energy, Transportation, Communications, Commercial and Government market sectors. She has an accomplished record of capturing more than $1 billion in new business and is an active member of INCOMPAS, ITS America, Fiber Broadband Association, SHLB, IBTTA and UTC.

Data Center POST recently sat down with Stine to discuss the future of telecommunications and how The 2018 INCOMPAS show facilitates industry success.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: Tell our readers about your company: What do you do and what problems are you attempting to solve?

eX² Technology, Misty Stine (ET-MS) Answer: eX² Technology is a single source solution for those seeking to build, scale or upgrade their communications infrastructure.

Our industry is seeing record fiber deployment as the foundation for numerous service delivery mechanisms. This demand-based broadband growth is outpacing the availability of federal and state aid as well as capital funding by existing providers, making it difficult for the industry to keep up with demand. We feel there is a unique opportunity to deliver value and achieve a win-win-win scenario for multi-tiered segments of the industry.

eX2 brings focus to opportunities with a total value perspective and aligns customer engagements from a multi-stakeholder viewpoint. We bring in multiple parties and work together to achieve each party’s goals and address each of their business needs. Examples include bringing in partners for joint builds, overbuilding and marketing excess dark fiber capacity. This helps offset upfront capital costs through shared infrastructure maintenance costs, public-private partnerships and multi-agency contracts. When every party involved can maximize their ROI, it leads to mutually successful results.


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