Harish Munagala - DoubleHornCloudPost recently spoke with Harish Munagala, Director of Marketing Technology at DoubleHorn. In this Q&A we discussed what sets DoubleHorn apart in the marketplace, their enduring idea, “Improving the world-changing power of Clouds,” as well as their goals for the future.

Austin-based DoubleHorn is a leading cloud services brokerage founded in 2005.

Q and A with CloudPost’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

CloudPost, Kathy Xu (CP-KX) Question: Tell our readers about DoubleHorn. What do you do and what key differentiators set DoubleHorn apart in the marketplace?

DoubleHorn, Harish Munagala (DOUBLEHORN-HM) Answer: DoubleHorn’s solutions combine products from the leading cloud providers and are designed to meet the emerging technology requirements of enterprises. DoubleHorn offers BetterClouds – a multi-cloud management platform that empowers organizations with the knowledge and technology needed to design, compare, implement, monitor and manage the cloud solutions from multiple cloud providers.

Our key differentiator is our approach to our customer’s IT challenges. We are at the forefront of service to our customers and our motto is to continue to fight on their behalf to get better performance, better price, better coverage, better service and most important of all, better clouds. Unmatched customer service, round-the-clock availability of support staff and tailored solutions to suit every need and requirement of customers are our forte, and these factors differentiate us from our competitors.

CP-KX Q: How does DoubleHorn take action on its one enduring idea, “Improving the world-changing power of Clouds”?

DOUBLEHORN-HM A: The cloud market is very dynamic and the offerings from major service providers keeps changing by the day. Continuous efforts are being made to upgrade the utility of clouds and to enhance the security in the cloud. Faster data speed, quicker and easier access to data and transfer of data is on the anvil. These sweeping changes are hard to notice and organizations find it difficult to track the developments and make informed choices. This is precisely where we takeover and help organizations understand the power of the cloud and tailor solutions to match their requirements, thereby maximizing the utility offered by cloud services. This endeavor results in a win-win situation for the organizations and service providers, empowering more organizations with the power of cloud and deriving maximum return on investment for both the service providers and customers alike.

CP-KX Q: DoubleHorn has received quite a few awards and recognition in the cloud industry. Congratulations! How did DoubleHorn achieve this?

DOUBLEHORN-HM A: Awards bear a testimony to our continued hard work, innovative solutions and unmatched service to our customers. We have been awarded Top 100 Cloud Solutions Provider of the Year 2015 by TalkinCloud. DoubleHorn has also been featured in the CIO review as one of the 20 promising Cloud companies in 2014. These awards are a result of years of perseverance, focus, hard work and putting customers in the forefront. Our approach has always been customer-centric and delighting the customer is the motto the team envisions. Offering innovative solutions to suit the unique requirements of organizations is one of the major factors that has won the trust of customers. A dedicated team of professionals, support staff and a healthy work environment have also been responsible for driving the company towards providing the best cloud brokerage services that continue to delight our customers.

CP-KX Q: What are some of DoubleHorn’s goals for 2016 and beyond?

DOUBLEHORN-HM A: This year, DoubleHorn has launched BetterClouds – a Multi-Cloud Management platform, and one of our goals for this year is to understand customer feedback and enhance the product experience. We are also focused on expanding our services to the mid-market enterprise IT segment, nationally.

CP-KX: Thank you for your time. If you are interested in learning more about DoubleHorn, please visit https://www.doublehorn.com/.