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The future of tomorrow’s Internet infrastructure lies in multi-service, network interconnection platforms. Networks, clouds, and data centers play a central role in creating opportunities for the companies that employ them. However, as enterprises take advantage of the services from a wide variety of providers, connecting to the services from various devices and locations creates complexities in the flow of data. The solution to this challenge is an Internet Exchange (IX), which provides a physical location for these service providers to exchange traffic. 

With service providers connected by IX infrastructure, networks can interact with one another on a cost-neutral basis since they do not need to pay for all Internet traffic. This form of exchange is critical for the Internet to work and operate effectively. For network users, IX delivers low latency by reducing the distance data is required to travel while redundant traffic routes avoid congested paths that may slow data down. Through one connection, networks are connected to hundreds of local carriers, ISPs, content, cloud, and application providers.  

In response to the increasing demand for diverse and open interconnection, QTS Realty Trust has announced that DE-CIX is extending its interconnection platform to QTS data centers in Chicago, Dallas/Irving, Piscataway, NJ, and Richmond, VA. QTS is a leader in hybrid colocation and mega-scale data center solutions with over 7 million square feet of data centers across North America and Europe, while the German company DE-CIX operates the world’s largest data center interconnection ecosystem with over 2,200 network operators in 28 global locations. The partnership brings the low latency, IX platform to QTS data centers in locations throughout the United States. 

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