Originally posted to Data Center POST

Data Center POST interview with Jeff Uphues, CEO, DC BLOX

By Contributing Editor Ilissa Miller

Jeff Uphues leads DC BLOX as a proven C-Level executive with deep expertise in hybrid cloud services, data center infrastructure and the operation of communication networks. He spearheads the company’s strategy, building and operating a fabric of edge-connected, cloud-enabled data centers and driving the growth and profitability of best-in-class infrastructure for digital services. Jeff leverages over 25 years of experience as a communications industry executive and business strategist, having held numerous C-suite leadership positions in sales, marketing and operations with Cbeyond, Bandwidth, ACSI Network Technologies and MCI.

With the exponential growth of data and its increasing importance to business, companies are struggling to keep up with the infrastructure needed to manage and transport it. Rather than expanding company-owned facilities, businesses are turning more to the cloud and to multi-tenant data centers to meet their needs.

We sat down to talk with Jeff and learn a little bit more about DC BLOX, explore what the company has been up to and discuss what’s on the horizon for the end of 2019 and beyond.

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