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CloudPOST’s audience is Cloud architects, Cloud software engineers, cloud sales executives, cloud sales representatives, cloud sales consultants, cloud sales managers, Cloud engineers, Cloud services developers, Cloud systems administrators, Cloud consultants, Cloud systems engineers, Cloud network engineers, Cloud product managers, data center and IT managers, CEOs, Presidents, VPs, CIOs, Product Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Researchers, and data center marketing specialists.

To contribute, our posting requirements are as follows:

  • Posts must be 300 words minimum and include the contributor’s name / title / photo (to include with the post – does not have to be of the individual and should not be a logo).
  • Links are OK –  3 maximum.
  • 1 additional photo permitted, other than the contributor’s photo (no logos will be posted); must be high-resolution in any format.
  • We also require 1 additional photo to run with the post, other than your company logo. This graphic must be high-resolution in any format, and be at least 665(w)X320(h). It can be a product shot, company building, software screenshot, etc. The more color, the better. Please no templates or uninformative diagrams.
  • Videos are acceptable and encouraged, please include the link to YouTube / Vimeo, etc.
  • Articles must be data center-related, hosting, cloud related (connectivity to / from data centers is acceptable as well as vendor technologies and solutions).
  • Sound grammar and paragraph structure is also a must (CloudPOST Editors may require submitters to edit if the grammar standards are not met).  CloudPOST does offer editing and content drafting services – please contact to learn more about these services).
  • Contributions must be educational; pieces featuring excessive self-promotion and marketing speak will not be accepted and will be sent back to the contributor for modification before they can be posted.
  • While CloudPOST reaches a global audience, we kindly request that content submitted for publication reflects American English usage.

*NOTE: If your submission fails to meet ALL of the above requirements, it will NOT be published. 

Please email for more information.