host-in-ireland-logo1-155405Capturing video footage is only half the battle for a broadcaster, content player or service provider. Once the footage is captured, the data needs to make it all the way to the end-user. And there is very little room for error during the process.

hibernia-networks-logo3Strong connectivity is therefore critical for success in the entertainment, news and sports industries. All it takes is a tiny amount of latency to disrupt a live video stream. And missing a crucial moment— like a sprinter crossing the finish line — can ruin the viewing experience.

This past summer, the need for connectivity was a major focal point before the start of the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. International broadcasters — like RTE of Ireland — were facing unprecedented connectivity demands. According to Akamai, at the start of the games global peak connections were more than double of those before the start of the 2012 event in London. With more live viewers expected than ever before, the pressure was on to deliver.

To streamline the process, RTE turned to Hibernia Networks, a leading global provider of telecommunications services and a partner of Host in Ireland. RTE selected Hibernia for its proven ability to transmit high quality video during live events. Hibernia transports more than 420,000 hours of live content every month. And in April, the company announced its ability to support J2K-enabled 4K ultra high-definition video over its global fiber network, including Hibernia Express, which offers the lowest latency transatlantic cable system.

“International video transport demands are evolving as new technologies and devices continually emerge,” stated Brian Gilroy, Director of Television Operations and Facilities at RTE. “It is of the utmost importance that we deliver the highest-quality content to our end-users, in particular for large sporting and entertainment events such as the 2016 Summer Games. Our mission is to ensure our customers stay connected, and Hibernia Networks’ robust fiber optic infrastructure, innovative solutions, and attention to customer service enable us to do just that.”

With the help of Hibernia, RTE was able to successfully transmit video coverage from its broadcast studios in Rio de Janeiro to Ireland without any trouble.

“Hibernia Networks is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality live news, sports and entertainment content to end-users worldwide,” explained Regional Vice President Media Services at Hibernia Networks Fergus Innes. “We are continuously innovating transport technologies to ensure viewers experience the clearest video on any viewing platform. RTE customers were able to enjoy the highest quality viewing of every record-setting performance and medal ceremony throughout the duration of the games.”