Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a network service provider powering global connectivity for new media providers, telecom carriers and enterprises, shares key findings from a Pioneer Consulting report which evaluates the service life of the company’s global subsea assets. GCX  owns and operates a network across US, Europe, Middle East, India, and East Asia over subsea systems such as FA-1, FNAL NACS and WACS, FALCON and HAWK.

The GCX strategy offers fully operational diverse and redundant routes to meet growing demand driven largely by Over-The-Top (OTT) applications. The report findings reinforce confidence in the enduring value of these reliable options for companies, especially those looking toward hard-to-reach markets like the Middle East.

A standard subsea supplier has a lifespan for 25-years. Pioneer’s evaluation concludes that GCX’s oldest operating systems have at least five more years with longer life at increased capacity available for the foreseeable future. Many aging subsea cable systems provide vital data connectivity across the world and companies like GCX are operating these systems to foster a strong commitment to ongoing service excellence. GCX continues to strengthen its market position through operational integration of the company’s global assets. 

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