BridgeVoice CEO Bankim BrahmbhattOriginally posted to Data Center POST by Kathy Xu

Data Center POST recently spoke with BridgeVoice CEO Bankim Brahmbhatt regarding the latest news from the company, as well as its current position within the marketplace.  An integral subsidiary of Bankai Group, BridgeVoice is an online platform for bidding, trading and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice and SMS services, as well as a global leader in offering retail and wholesale VoIP termination services.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: How does BridgeVoice implement the latest technologies in international voice operations?

BRIDGEVOICE, Bankim Brahmbhatt (BRIDGEVOICE-BB) Answer: Being a technology company, we have four product lines – Unified Communications, Switching, Complete Billing, and a Mobile Commerce Platform. Starting from the legacy approach to business, our new automated technique of offering services to carriers and operators is accessible virtually anywhere by way of cloud technology. This type of service will provide carriers, operators and MVNOs with more than technology-as-a-service – it will provide end-to-end voice, SMS and data services.

Our prime focus is on making our technology and services agile. As testament to our belief in these offerings, BridgeVoice itself utilizes this technology for our own business, and the satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself.

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