Originally posted on Data Center Post

Bluebird Network, a Midwest telecommunications company, recently announced plans for a major expansion of its Underground Data Center located in Springfield, Missouri. The expansion will enable the facility to more comprehensively meet and support the needs of its rapidly growing enterprise and cloud service customer base. This project serves to underscore the company’s enduring commitment to increasing value for its customers and delivering enhanced reliability and capabilities. 

Not only will this expansion add 11,500 square feet of white space, bringing the data center’s white space total to 29,000 square feet, it will also include significant mechanical, electrical and generation capabilities. This will bring the data center, which is carved out of solid limestone and resides 85 feet below ground, to full Tier 3 capabilities. 

“Bluebird Network is proud to provide this additional data center space and capacity to perfectly align with the business and hosting community,” said Michael Morey, Chief Executive Officer, Bluebird Network. “This data center was purposefully built for the convenience of business communities in the region, and we are closer than you think to Kansas City, Joplin, Columbia, Northwest Arkansas and Tulsa.”

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