Originally posted to Data Center POST

Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and underground data center owner, recently announced the creation of the Springfield Internet Exchange (SpringIX). Located in Springfield, MO, in the Bluebird Underground Data Center, this exchange empowers current and future Bluebird customers to cross connect to one another, share traffic and more comprehensively support the demands of a digital world.

“After finishing our 61-mile expansion in Springfield earlier this year, we have a strong presence in the Ozarks and are dedicated to serving as a partner to organizations in the region,” said Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird. “There are numerous companies in the region that will really benefit from a service like this, and we are proud to support them by hosting this internet exchange.”

Internet exchanges operate through direct interconnection, allowing networks to avoid having to pass traffic through one or more third party networks. All traffic passing through an Internet Service Provider’s upstream provider incurs a charge, while SpringIX does not subject traffic to additional expenses, delivering cost savings to users. Furthermore, interconnection helps establish route optimization, enabling greater traffic efficiency while virtually extending the business network beyond its existing footprint.

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