Bluebird Network LLC, a Midwest telecommunications company, recently announced that it has completed its fiber expansion and investment in Springfield, Missouri. This expansion meets the demand of Springfield businesses that are seeking reliable, high-capacity broadband in the region. This step also offers businesses expanded options for their internet and networking needs by making new and competitive solutions available. Furthermore, it interconnects major business areas in Springfield to the Bluebird Underground Data Center — also located in Springfield — and to its 9,300-plus-mile fiber network throughout the Midwest.

Bluebird Underground customers also benefit from this announcement with the ability to leverage fiber connections to hosted cloud service providers such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

“Bluebird Network is proud to provide cutting-edge Ethernet and internet connectivity to businesses in Springfield that span the healthcare industry, governmental agencies, financial institutions, wireless providers and other businesses within the community,” said Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network. “Our agility and reach have enabled us to rapidly respond and deploy new fiber services and products as we continue our expansion in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and surrounding states. The fiber build in Springfield is here, it is complete, and Bluebird is ready to deploy services!”

This newly completed 61-mile fiber expansion continues the momentum that Bluebird Network started in late 2014 when the company purchased Springfield’s only colocation data center from City Utilities. This expansion momentum will be further underpinned by Bluebird’s currently planned fiber buildout in Strafford, MO, as well as other upcoming projects to take place throughout the Midwest over the next few years. These continued, strategic expansions also serve to supplement Bluebird’s recent fiber acquisitions in Illinois. 

Bluebird is dedicated to increasing its fiber routes and expanding its reach into new and underserved areas. The company’s advanced network capabilities provide speeds up to 100 gigabytes through a variety of different services, including Dedicated Internet Access, Virtual LAN and Wide Area Networking capabilities. By leveraging its network, resources and innovative employees, Bluebird develops solutions that deliver broadband opportunities across the Midwest. Its network and data center combine to create opportunities for all types of businesses, ensuring quality, continuity and performance.

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