Originally published to Data Center POST. 

Bluebird Network recognizes the growing need for Internet connectivity, the Internet of Things, social media demands and the constant collection of “big data” for advanced analytics has increased the pressure of change for data centers and how we meet this challenge. Without exception, we must continue to meet the data demand with a guaranteed level of service and cost control. Staying ahead of the data demand is key to staying successful. Forecasting this demand accurately while maintaining the optimal level of service is not easy, but a successful balance between these two necessities results in a high-quality data center.

Bluebird Network supports the Bluebird Underground Data Center, our underground data center. Bluebird Underground is currently preparing for its second expansion in less than four years, with the goal to increase customer space and fortify the electrical infrastructure to make the facility stronger, more reliable and prepared to meet the changing demands of a 24×7 networked world. Both new and existing customers will benefit from the expansion in three main areas: space, power and efficiency.


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