Originally published to Data Center POST

Bluebird Network, a leading Midwest telecommunications company, recently announced that they have expanded their high-speed broadband fiber in Hannibal, Missouri. With this expansion, the city of Hannibal and its residents will be able to enjoy access to more of the high-speed communication services they want by way of buried fiber routes and fiber optic infrastructure. Bluebird is proud to provide the area with fast and efficient broadband infrastructure, which supports local agencies and businesses and provides the ability to connect other broadband areas to the city. This strategic interconnection will help drive Hannibal’s economic growth.

The expansion of this network not only provides opportunities for additional lateral builds to connect nearby rural communities to the city—but it will also ultimately furnish the area with fiber for business growth within the future Industrial Park. As businesses in Hannibal and beyond are becoming increasingly reliant on the power of digital communication, this network build out ensures reliability, high performance and speed to accommodate the community’s growing demands.


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