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Data Center POST reached out to Trey Berndt, the Executive Vice President at Carrier-1 Data Centers to learn more about their new tenant, DE-CIX Dallas, and what this platform and connectivity solutions mean for their data center customers. By way of background, Carrier-1 Data Centers is one of the largest independently owned data centers in North Dallas.  DE-CIX Dallas’ extension into Carrier-1 serves as a new enabled data center location for the company’s growing IX platform in the Dallas market. As of date, DE-CIX Dallas has over 85 networks on its platform and continues to grow, now ranking among the top 20 IX’s in North America. Both companies announced this new location in August 2020 and readers can view the press release in its entirety here

Trey was forthcoming in his enthusiasm for what DE-CIX Dallas’ presence at 1515 Roundtable Road, Dallas means for the Carrier-1 Data Center community. Read our interview below.

DCP Q1: Tell us about Carrier-1 Data Centers and what differentiates your company in the market?

Trey Berndt Answers: The Carrier-1 management team has over 75 years combined of experience in the data center industry and is the only colocation facility in the North Texas market that not only own’s and operates it’s own facility, and also manages all construction on the property. This eliminates many levels of construction and operational expenses and allows us to work more as partners with our customers.   

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