By Grant Kirkwood, CTO and founder, Unitas Global,

grant-kirkwood-cto-and-founder-unitas-globalIf your business is looking to use OpenStack to create and manage private servers and doesn’t want to deal with the associated complexities, there is one solution you should consider.

Unitas Global recently announced a new partnership with Solinea, a company that streamlines OpenStack management for businesses.

The partnership will combine Unitas’ management expertise, global operations and custom cloud architecture with Solinea’s proven OpenStack adoption and integration solutions. Together, the two companies will help enterprises adopt more agile, modern cloud infrastructure and processes.

Unitas Global caters to enterprises that want secure, OpenStack hybrid cloud computing environments without having to build and operate production-grade environments, or worry about vendor lock-in. Unitas Global designs, deploys and operates cloud services. Plus, the company offers around-the-clock support and full visibility into the health and performance of their OpenStack environment with the Unitas Atlas unified monitoring platform and Cloud Management Center.

Solinea provides role and process definition, process and tools implementations, training and mentorship and operations runbooks. These services ensure that the cloud is fully integrated and adopted by the enterprise, and they also address security, compliance and regulatory needs.

Together, Unitas and Solinea will help enterprises build step-by-step plans to evolve from legacy infrastructure and processes to modern cloud and open source infrastructure driven by DevOps and Agile processes.

“Many enterprises are considering OpenStack solutions to take advantage of enhanced agility, flexibility and lack of vendor lock-in, but often find difficulty in implementing the strategy to drive successful adoption of these cloud environments,” stated Grant Kirkwood, Founder and CTO of Unitas Global. “By partnering with Solinea, we are able to offer enterprise businesses not only the infrastructure, guidance and ongoing management of OpenStack clouds, but also the post-deployment integration, training, and culture transformation to ensure seamless adoption within the organization.”

Solinea CEO Francesco Paola also commented on the partnership.

“Partnering with Unitas Global is the right decision for our current and future customers looking to architect and deploy open, vendor-agnostic cloud solutions,” Paola explained. “As we work with leading global enterprises and service providers to architect and deploy cloud, container and microservices solutions at scale that drive agility into the organization through DevOps adoption and cut infrastructure costs, it is important for us to work with a leading enterprise cloud solution provider that understands our customers’ needs, has an exceptional team and delivers solid results. Unitas Global is a great choice.”

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