Research firm IDC estimates that data centers this year will account for 62 percent of all IT infrastructure spending, with 23 percent of the market going to public cloud and 15 percent going to private cloud. Very few organizations use only a private or public cloud, and any substantial use of a hybrid cloud can benefit from having an optimized network connection. However, with so many data center, networking and cloud connectivity options available, it can be difficult to obtain visibility into geographic service availability and gain access to other critical information such as quotes.

To solve this challenge, San Francisco-based Inflect, Inc. (“Inflect”) recently launched its Global Marketplace, providing users with accurate, actionable data for the purchase of data center and network services. Receiving data directly from more than 70 service providers and growing, the Global Marketplace provides total transparency for users, while enabling them to easily architect hybrid cloud deployments across multiple service providers.

Inflect’s platform centralizes data on the industry, allowing users to access up-to-date information about the value propositions of each provider’s offering, and independently research and identify the right colocation and network services to make informed purchasing decisions. In addition to data center and network services, Inflect’s Global Marketplace also enables companies to conduct their own research on markets, peering points and cloud on-ramps before talking with sales. Upon request, Inflect then directly connects users to the right service provider for quoting and contracting.

The launch of Inflect’s Global Marketplace, a no-fee, no-obligation platform, is the first time a vendor-neutral marketplace is openly accessible to any buyer globally, making obtaining quotes, service specifications and availability as quick and easy as booking a flight or hotel online.

“The digital infrastructure industry has long needed a single, neutral source of information that everyone can trust to access the data needed to do their job,” commented Mike Nguyen, Founder and CEO, Inflect.  “With the launch of our Global Marketplace, we’re closer to a world where companies developing the next great app or online service are no longer constrained because the solutions they need are hard to find and buy.  I’m particularly thankful to our great team, partners, and investors who make Inflect’s mission a reality.”

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