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brooke chaplan

Brooke Chaplan, Content Writer

Software security is emerging as one of the next great areas of concern for small business. Software security means resisting hostile cyber-attacks and keeping records and information safe and undisturbed. While remote attackers increasingly target small businesses, the IT security community is working overtime to create better, more secure, and defect-free software products. Today’s small business owners can take steps to defend their organizations from security breaches by becoming more educated in the ways that attackers exploit vulnerabilities in application software products. What follows is a common sense guide to finding and using better and more secure software in your small business.

Choose Software Products that Handshake Well with Your Firewall
A firewall is a set of security protocols and solutions that defend your private network of computing devices from outside attempts to access your data. Make sure you use one. It is also wise to insist your IT specialists verify your network’s operating system is configured to ensure employees who work remotely are only able to do so if their computing devices are also protected by a firewall.

Develop a Mobile Device Action Plan

Today, more and more workers are using their mobile devices to get work done outside of the office. This can create significant security challenges for small organizations. Workers connecting to your private network need to have enhanced security apps installed on their personal devices if you want to be sure cyber criminals can’t get at your data when employees use their phones. Your action plan should include a set of reporting procedures for lost and missing devices.

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